Super Safe Water Company

Topaz Preparatory Academy

Fifth Grade Service Project

1. Gibby 2. Christian 3.brenda 4. Reagen 5. Anthony 6. michael 7. All Of Us On 3 seconds


Water.Org is a organization that gives water to people that dont have any. They also help people not get sick, because they give them clean safe drinking water.

Super Safe Water

Super Safe Water, is the company for fifth grade at Topaz Preparatory Academy. We are selling water for .50 cents. We sell the water bottles during our lunch time, and during class time. Just knock on the door at anytime, (you will not get in trouble); just come to our classroom.

People Need Water Now!!

2.3 BILLION people die a year, 16 people die every 90 SECONDS, because they don't have access to safe drinking water.

Donate Money Now!! is a organization that donates all the money to the poor people. They don’t keep any water they don’t keep any of the money.

Please help them. You will save them even if you donate $1.00.

PLEASE Donate Money to If you do. You will save MILLIONS of people’s lives.

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1 Gib 2 Christian 3 brenda 4 Reagen 5 Anthony 6 michael 7 All Of Us On 3by

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