Google Drive for Advanced users

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  • Quick Review of Basics
  • Collaborative Documents in the Classroom
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drive Q & A

This is a long agenda for 1 hour. If you get through it all that’s AWESOME, if you don’t it’s ok. The presentation will be available to everyone within our Google Classroom and posted to MPS Tech website.

Quick Review of Basics

Quick Review of Basics:

File Conversion

To convert or not to convert?

Quick Review of Basics:

Download options

Download Doc, Slide, or Sheet

Quick Review of Basics:


On this slide review the basic share features including you can show on this slide or demonstrate from your document

Quick Review of Basics:


Next review the advanced features, you can show from this slide or demonstrate from this document

What are the possible academic benefits of students collaborating through Google Docs?

Collaborative documents

Collaborative Notetaking

Have all participants take notes updating what we just reviewed and then answer the question regarding collaboration


Collaborative Editing

Have everyone access but only share with a few people to edit.

Collaborative Editing






Make copy of document with two friends at table, collaborate on document, give one full editing rights, one commenting rights

Google Forms:
(an introduction to) Creating Assessments

Google Forms


  • Go to DRIVE
  • NEW>GOOGLE FORM (it may be under MORE)

Google Forms


  • Go to DRIVE
  • NEW>GOOGLE FORM (it may be under MORE)

Google Forms: SETTINGS

The Google Form edit screen shows the Form settings right at the top. My general suggestion is to leave all the checkboxes unchecked. There are good reasons to select them sometimes, but usually I do not use any of them.

Google Forms: Title the Quiz

Giving the quiz a title will also name the Google Form the same name. You can edit the Form name to be different than the quiz title. Below the quiz title is a place for “Form description.” Use this box to give students directions or information they need to fill out the quiz.

Google Forms: Create a Question

  • Question Title
  • Help Text
  • Question Type
  • Required Question

Google Forms: Advanced Setting

Clicking on “Advanced settings” for a multiple choice question allows you to shuffle the answer choices.

Google Forms does not support rich text editing. This means your questions and answers can not contain bold, underline, italics, emoticons or images.

Google Forms: Additional Questions

To add additional questions click on the arrow next to the “Add item” button. This will reveal question options and formatting options.

Google Forms: EDITING Questions

To edit any question, simply click on the question to return to edit mode.

The question order in a Google Form can be moved around. Click on a question to place it in edit mode. Hover over the top part of the question to reveal some “grippy dots.” Click and hold down on the grippy dots. Drag the question into place.

Google Forms: Confirmation Page

At the bottom of the edit screen are confirmation screen options. When students submit the Form, their answers are sent to the spreadsheet and they are shown a screen that confirms they submitted. The default confirmation text can be replaced. I like to direct students as to what to do next after they are finished with the quiz.

Google Forms: VIEW Live Form

To share form, click the VIEW LIVE FORM

Share LIVE FORM link within Google Classroom


Have teachers first brainstorm in collaborative doc, then discuss and fill in


Google Drive Q & A

Take any questions that they may have, describe additional tools including Google Forms, Calendar. Let me them play around in Google Drive or upload documents. If a great deal of time left, go to Google Drive Advanced Features presentation

Google Drive for
Advanced Users

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