Street Art Project


Students justify why Street Art and Banksy’s work is or is not a form of art.

Students will participate in a classroom discussion about their work, and create a presentation that includes a replica piece about a Street Artist of their choice.

Students will create stencils in the style of Street Artist by using stencils and stickers, and they will convey a message through their street art work.


Stencil - a template used to draw or paint identical letters, symbols, shapes, or patterns every time it is used.

Graffiti - are images or letters applied without permission to publicly viewable surfaces such as walls or bridges

Grayscale - Displayed images of this sort are typically composed of shades of gray, varying from black at the weakest intensity to white at the strongest.

Value - the lightness or darkness of colors or grays

Positive and Negative Space - occupied and unoccupied space


Banksy, a street artist whose identity remains unknown, is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, around 1974. He rose to prominence for his provocative stenciled pieces in the late 1990s. From

The Exit Through the Gift Shop documentary is an example of the rise and documentation of contemporary Street Art into the mainstream.

Street Art in Your Neighborhood

Between today and next class, walk around your school, neighborhood, shopping areas, etc. Pay close attention to your neighborhood and look for any type of street art you can find. Murals, graffiti, street art sculptures, etc.

Take a few photos of the work you find and upload it to your Google Drive.

If you don’t have a phone with you, ask your family or friends to take the photo for you. You also have a chromebook that takes photos! Use it if you have no other camera available.

When we return to class, we will turn these into Google Classroom.

Street Art Presentation

In groups of 2 or 3, choose and research a contemporary Street Artist. Instructions are on the Street Art Presentation slides on the website.

Along with the presentation,
your group will create a
replica poster to
accompany your


You now have a huge breadth of knowledge about Street Artists and the art they create.

In your sketchbook, begin researching work that you like. Sketch images to use as reference, ideas for inspiration, and general “I like this one research.”

You must have at least 15 thumbnail sketches -Fill up the page!

Draw Street Art you genuinely like!

Sketchbook Page 1 Example: drawings of research - none of your ideas on this page.

Banksy Style Stencil Graphic Design

  • Must have point of contact
  • Must be cut out backwards
    • Words too!
  • Will be stenciled onto paper
  • Think about the message:
    • is it funny, clever, poignant, political, etc?
  • Will be on display in school
    • Must not be rude, crude disgusting, offensive or inappropriate


On the next blank sketchbook page, you will begin drawing out YOUR ideas for street art.

Keep in mind - what is the message?

Do not copy other people’s work - you may appropriate! (Borrow pieces, but rearrange and change to make a new idea/your own work)

Genuinely possible ideas!


Choose your best idea (and be able to explain it’s message).

On the next blank page in your sketchbook, refine your best idea. Add details - this should be a much more refined version of your brainstormed idea.

Your idea should be able to be transformed into a STENCIL.

When complete, bring this to Miss V
to review.


Stencil DEMO

  • Street Art Research - 1 page
  • Your ideas - 1 page
  • Refined Street Art Image and Message - 1 page
    • Can it be stenciled
    • Is it refined with color (if needed)

We are going to turn your idea into a stencil - Prep your refined image in your sketchbook by creating contact points.

Stencil Design

  • Create a positive of your stencil design
  • Trace with sharpie onto stencil paper
  • Using an X-acto knife, carefully cut out the stencil
  • Be sure to have a cutting mat or cardboard under your stencil
  • X-actos:
    • Only you use, do not pass around
    • Only cut away from you
    • Over cut at edges for a clean cut (but not too far!)

Stencil Proof

Sketchbook stencil - cut out

Colored Paper Stencil - cut out


Take a photo of all 3 together, and submit to Google Classroom by the
end of class today.

You can start printing your 4 good copies today if you complete the proof and submit the photo to Google Drive

Final Street Art Project Submission to

Google Classroom


Take a photo of:

  • Sketchbook stencil - cut out
  • Colored Paper Stencil - cut out

Take a photo of all 3 together.

Name the File: StreetArtProof_LastName.jpg


Final Street Art Project Submission to

Google Classroom


Take a photo of:

  • 4 of your BEST stencil prints
  • Do not include the proof stencil as one of your 4!

Name the File: StreetArt_LastName.jpg

Save both images with the proper file name - and edited as the BEST image - to your Google Drive Art I folder.


Final Street Art Project Submission to

Google Classroom


Go to Google Classroom

Click on the Street Art Final Assignment

Upload both images:

  • StreetArtProof_LastName.jpg
  • StreetArt_LastName.jpg

Be sure to hit the TURN IN button when you are done uploading!



Street Art Project - Google Slides