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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physical objects that can be discovered, monitored, controlled or interacted with by electronic devices which communicate over various networking interfaces, and eventually can be connected to the wider Internet

7.6 Billion People

6.5 Things per Person

50 Billion Things

That’s a lot of people


And a lot of things

2017 IoT Concerns

IoT Developer Survey 2017 - Copyright Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Interoperability - All have their own language, too many standards (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Bacnet, X10, enOcean, etc)

Security - TV, Internet of Terror, and too few updates (Samsung example, Botnets, Webcams, etc)

Connectivity - A lot of devices are difficult to connect (Still running TCP v4, bandwidth

2017 IoT Concerns - Interoperability

  • What is Interoperability?

IEEE: “2 or More IoT systems or components which can exchange information”

  • Vendor Lock-In
  • Future Proof Investments

2017 IoT Concerns - Security

  • Connected thermostat vulnerabilities detected by Cisco’s Talos group allowed foothold into network
  • 12 months to publish fixes for 2 vulnerabilities
  • 21 months to publish fix for 1 vulnerability
  • Device owners may not be aware of fixes, or have the skill to install updates

Trane Comfort Link II

2017 IoT Concerns - Security

Disclosure Timeline

2014-04-09 - Initial contact with Trane is established. Advisories delivered.

2014-06-03 - Second attempt to contact Trane for follow up. No response received.

2014-08-15 - Third attempt to made to contact Trane for follow up. No response received.

2014-09-30 - Fourth attempt to contact Trane is made. Advisories re-sent. No further correspondence.

2015-04-?? - Vendor patches CVE-2015-2868 in firmware version 4.0 without issuing a security advisory.

2015-05-26 - CERT/CC notified. CERT attempts to establish contact with Trane, but receives no response.

2015-07-13 - Fifth and final attempt to contact Trane is made. Communication is reestablished. Advisories re-sent.

2015-08-19 - Talos follows up with Trane. No patch available.

2015-09-30 - Talos follows up with Trane again. No patch available.

2015-10-19 - Talos follows up with Trane again. No patch available.

2016-01-26 - Talos follows up with Trane again. Trane informs Talos that firmware version 4.0.3 is being released that week which addresses CVE-2015-2867.

2016-01-27 - Trane makes firmware version 4.0.3 available to the public.

2016-02-08 - Talos and CERT/CC disclose these vulnerabilities.

Trane Comfort Link II

2017 IoT Concerns - Connectivity

  • Additional types of Infrastructure Requirements
  • Increased network traffic: Firewall / Proxies, Routers need to be upgrades or adapted
  • IP addresses both IPv4 and IPv6 Increases Significantly
  • Increased network complexity – should these devices be isolated or segmented?

2017 IoT Industry Momentum

IoT Developer Survey 2017 - Copyright Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

The “I” in IoT

All things connected

  • Wired
  • WiFi
  • Zigbee
  • Cellular 3G/4G/5G
  • LoRa - Long Range Low Power Networks

The “T” in IoT

What is a thing?

  • Sensor
  • Light Bulb
  • Person / Animal
  • Bar Code

mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identified (IP) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.


Raspberry Pi

Internet of Beers

Raspberry Pi Business Case

  • Design a Product based on the Pi & Sensors
    • Temp/Humidity
    • Light Sensor
    • Motion
    • Sound
    • Camera/Night Vision
    • GPS
    • Others?
  • Integrate with another service (FB, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, SBB, Post, Meteo)
  • Create a business case on your new product

Top Home IoT devices

The smart IoT Vacuum cleaner iRobot

The first mainstream wireless speaker system

The Artificial Intelligence driven Home Assistant


IoT Business

IoT Architecture

Describe the different connection models

IoT Connection models

Source: Web of Things

Popular IoT Business Models

  • Service Model
  • Premium Features
  • Replenish Model
  • Free Data Model

Break out each Section

IoT Cloud Providers

  • Alibaba
  • AWS
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Microsoft

IoT Use Cases

Smart Home

Smart Office

Smart Car

Industry 4.0

Smart Farming

Case Study Switzerland & IoT

Google Search: Lora Briefs -

  • Swiss Farms (Cattle Tracking)
  • Parking (Smart Parking)
  • Migros / Coop (Asset Tracking)


IoT is a science primarily focusing on creating the most complex way to turn lights on.

Dominique Guinard

Pre IoT

Source: Web of Things

Post IoT

Source: Web of Things


Source: Web of Things

EdgeX Foundry


  • IoT hero
  • Easy to prototype
  • Visual programming
  • Open Source

docker run -it -p 1880:1880 --name mynodered nodered/node-red-docker

IoT + Big Data + AI

The power of IoT is Data

The biggest value realized in IoT is from the Data which is being collected

IoT Big Data Examples

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

AI Drones with Image Recognition

Challenges with AI & IoT

Source: Ahmed Banafa

CH & IoT


Cargo Sous Terrain


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