My week in Rome

An awesome experience

The arrival

  • We arrived at half past eight a little later than expected
  • The families were waiting for us
  • Whe get lunch, and my italians parents go to bed
  • Leonardo(my exchange),Filipo(his brother) and me go to read and talk in our bedroom
  • Then we go to sleep

The party at the school

  • Leonardo and me get up ay 7:00,we get dressed, we get breakfast,and we leave home at 7:50.
  • The first hour we do a presentation, then we ate things that parents had prepared
  • After this, we start going from class to class, to see what they were doing.
  • The school ends at 2:00, going to the house, I find that Dani and Diego (his exchange) came with us.
  • When we finish lunch, we go to see te movie “the arrival” at the cinema, it was in italian, but i understood it very well.
  • When it finished, we left Dani and Diego at home , we go to our house, we get lunch, and we go to bed

The pantheon

  • When we were ready, we go to school. Nothing else to arrive, we went towards to the underground, to go to the city center.
  • In the center, we go to fountains, churches, and the best of the day, (for me) The Pantheon.
  • After de visit to the center, almost all Spaniards and their exchanges went to a burger, and then to play soccer.

The coliseum

  • The wensday we go to the school like the other day, and we went to the subway.
  • That day we were going to go to the coliseum, which along with the Vatican, was what I liked most, the audio guide was very interesting.
  • We visit the arc of titto, of constantino, of septimio severo , and the imperial forum.
  • In the afternoon, Leonardo and I went to Diego`s house, Mario and Filippo(Mario´s exchange) went to.

The vatican museums

  • The Thursday the italians would not come with us,this day we would go to the Vatican.
  • We visit all the vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, and San Peter`s church.
  • Going to the subway, we stop a moment to buy souvenirs.
  • In the afternoon, we go to Della`s house


  • On Friday we go to school like in Monday but without a party.
  • The lessons finished at 1:00 instead of finishing at 2:00.
  • After the school, all Italians and Spaniards went to a park to eat pizza and cake.
  • Afterwards, we went to some tracks, but they were busy.
  • Then I went to Filippo`s house because my exchange had soccer training.

Villa d`este

  • On Saturday we went with our italian family to villa d`este, a beautiful place with wonderful gardens.
  • In the afternoon my italian family took me to the city center to see some things we had not seen, like the Plaza de España, or the Fontana de trevi .
  • We ate a delicious ice cream and we buy pizzas to eat at home

The farewell

  • We wake up a bit later, we get dressed, we have breakfast, and we go to Ostia, a beach of Rome.
  • When the time comes, they buy some pizza for me, and we go to the airport.
  • The farewell was hard, and I almost started to cry.

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