A habit-based approach for student success

Avinash Varma

Electrical and Computer


Dustin Ramsay

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Matthew Yannutz

Computer Science

The Problem

  • Conversations with students have confirmed a universal challenge: Time Management
  • Our hypothesis: current tools are tedious, unengaging and require established good habits

Our Solution

  • SideKick is an app that automates the prioritization and scheduling of tasks
  • Motivates following of schedule through a point system
  • Drives establishment of good habits



  • We started developing on Saturday with almost no React Native or Javascript Experience
  • Thanks to mentors and other students, we were able to build a simple to do list app
  • Most important takeaway: team knowledge

Next Steps

  • New Venture Challenge -> Catalyze CU -> Fall 2019 Deployment
  • Partnerships with Student Success Team and Unified Student Experience (USE) Project
  • Growth of Development Team


What do you think?

  • Best/Worst Features?
  • How could this better extend your interface with students?
  • If you were designing this app?
  • If you could make students do one thing?

How can we help?

  • Toughest part of your job?
  • What tools do you currently use?
  • What tools can we build you?
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