The Good Party - Intro

Oct 23rd, 2018


Framework for a Solution

Power Corrupts (over time) and so it is that we are stuck with corrupt career politicians, alternating between two entrenched corrupted political parties which only represent the interests of the powerful, monied interests and of corporations.

For democracy to work for the benefit of humanity again, we need a new political party made entirely of Ordinary People Representatives, called into service for a short time, vowing to transparently represent the Will of the People in their district.

However, for such an alternative (3rd) political party to come to power, it must ensure No Wasted Votes, because that’s how the current system kills alternatives.

And for maximum chance of success, this alternative party should surprise the current system, but have Exponential Growth built in, so its first win begets many more, quickly and before the current corrupt system has a chance to fight back.

Easy enough, with all that in mind, we present a plan to create the Good Party!


Power Has Corrupted Both Major US Parties… (Beyond Repair!)



Founding Assumptions


  • People are Good
    • Given hope and a credible plan, many will gladly step up to help solve the challenges of society.
  • Improving Quality of Life for All should be a the Prime Objective of Society
    • GDP, Profits, and other surrogate stats cannot trump the prime objective.
  • A System’s Rules Determine its Outcomes
    • Change the rules to put humanity in the center, and you change the outcomes, very quickly.
  • True Representative Democracy would set the rules in Humanity’s favor
    • Unfortunately, today, our representatives are not representing us or humanity.
  • Technology can make True Representative Democracy Possible, Now.
    • We just need to build the right platform, and a more equitable world will literally emerge
  • The Emperor has No Clothes
    • Even the 1% who seem to “have it all“ will benefit from a shift of rules to better serve humanity..


Organizing Principles


  • Don’t Allow Power to Corrupt
    • The Good Party shares power widely & transparently, changing representatives every term
  • Ordinary People Representatives
    • Ordinary people, randomly selected, vowing to represent the will of the people of their district
  • The Will of the People
    • The Good Party app shows the current will of the people of each district for each important issue
  • No Wasted Votes
    • The Good Party never wastes a vote. If you are asked to vote, it will be for a Good Party win.
  • Grow Exponentially (or go home!)
    • The current corrupt system will fight back. One win should enable many more, very quickly.





Next Steps - Build Team


  • Technologists
    • UX / UI
    • Mobile
    • Back-end
  • Politicos
    • Strategists / Experts
    • Activists / Organizers in various states
  • Marketers
    • Finalize Positioning
    • Create Viral Campaigns
  • Millennials
    • Digital Natives
    • Influencers


Financing / Timeline


  • Financing in place to launch
    • No fundraising required
    • Energy / commitment of collaborators are needed.
  • Launch 2019
    • Alpha in first half
    • Full launch before year’s end.
  • 2020+
    • Get our first wins and work towards the hockey stick.
    • Open source our infrastructure for scale and for others to deploy.
  • This is a marathon and not a sprint!
    • We’ll be doing this until we get to a True Representatives Democracy or something better.
    • For the whole world (not just the US).


Thank You!


The Good Party - Overview - Google Slides