Junior College Night


EHS Counseling

Merrie Wrinn: A-K

Keith Wall: L-Z

Janet Anderson:

College & Career Center



Tonight’s Agenda

  • Timeline of the College Process
  • Finding the Right College fit
  • General College Knowledge
  • COVID considerations



What to do……When….How….


Now… Junior Year

  • Continue/start researching colleges and developing a list of schools of interest
  • Discuss college plans and finances with your family and begin exploring
  • Register and take ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests
    • EHS SAT: April 13th, Free, test w/writing is an option
    • Don’t stress, if they are cancelled it is out of your control.
  • By AUGUST 2020 you should have a final list of universities you will apply to.


Junior Year Cont…

  • Start to think about who you would like to write your letters of recommendation. (you may not need them)
  • Keep your grades up!
  • Meet with College Reps in the College and Career Center
    • Sign up on Naviance.
  • Visit colleges/watch virtual visits
  • Extracurricular activities: quality not quantity


Summer 2021

  • Continue researching and building your college list
  • Continue to visit colleges/virtual visits
  • Look at essay questions
  • Take/retake SAT if needed
  • Preview/start college applications
  • Scholarship Search


Senior Year

  • Fall Semester
    • Attend Senior College Night at EHS
    • Fill out applications, write essays and request letters of recommendations
    • Attend college rep visits in the college and career center
    • Re-take SAT/ACT if necessary (by October for EA/ED)
    • Apply for scholarships
    • Deadlines! As early as October and November
    • Fill out FAFSA, opens October 1st
    • Apply for Scholarships


Senior Year cont…..

  • Spring Semester
    • Continue filling out college applications
    • Continue applying for scholarships
    • DO YOUR SCHOOL WORK- if your grades drop your admission could be rescinded!
    • Behavior: be safe & be smart (suspensions are reported if requested by colleges)
    • Decide which college/university you wish to attend and send your deposit by May 1st.



College Entrance Course Requirements

      • English 4 years
      • Mathematics 4 years
      • Social Studies 3 years
      • Science 3 years
      • World Language 1-3 years

Minimum requirements: Check college websites for the most up to date and accurate requirements


Finding the Right Fit…


Who are you?

What is your learning style?

What are you test scores? grades?

Know Yourself

What activities do you want to do?

What is your academic comfort level?

What supports/resources do you need?

What are your academic challenges?

What environment do you thrive it?







Programs & Majors





The Colorado Community College System’s (CCCS) Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree Program ensures new, first-time students attending any CCCS College are guaranteed admission to a participating four-year college or university upon completion of an Associate degree.

Factors Influencing Admission Decisions


1. A rigorous high school curriculum that challenges the student

2. Grades that represent strong effort and an upward trend

3. Solid scores on standardized tests

4. Demonstrated intellectual curiosity

5. Passionate involvement in a few activities

6. Demonstrated leadership in activities

7. Strong letters of recommendation from teachers/counselor

8. A well-written essay(s)

9. Special talents or experiences

10. Demonstrated enthusiasm to attend

11. Social media

12. High school behavior record


Application Options

  • College Application
    • Online through college website
    • May be shorter
    • May have less supplemental essays
  • Common Application
    • Online through common app website
    • Over 900 colleges use the common application
    • May be Longer
    • Helpful if applying to 3 or more colleges who use the Common Application
    • Most have supplemental essays
  • Coalition Application
    • Portfolio style
    • Build over time


Applying Options

  • Early Decision (ED)
    • A binding agreement between the student and the university in which, if accepted, the student MUST attend the university
    • Student can only apply ED to one university
  • Early Action (EA)
    • Allows a student to apply early and hear about admission decision early
  • Regular Decision
    • Typically Dec., Jan., Feb. deadlines
  • Rolling
    • Review complete application upon arrival
    • Decision is given shortly after submitting


  • Sign up online:
    • ACT: www.actstudent.org
    • SAT: www.collegeboard.com
  • EHS is a host site for selected test dates
  • Test Prep:
    • Khan Academy- Link PSAT and SAT
    • Testing websites: offer practice test/questions, tips and testing strategies
    • Prep books in the College & Career Center
    • Buy prep books/cd’s



  • COVID Adjustments
    • Class of 2021
      • Colorado schools required to be test-optional
      • Most colleges went test-optional
      • Even though test-optional, some colleges still accepting them and “wanting” them for certain majors.
    • Class of 2022
      • Prediction: If testing is cancelled again this Spring, adjustments will remain.



The application process during Covid is different:

  • A lot of colleges are test optional. If you like your score, send it in!
  • Be thoughtful when you write your essays. Avoid COVID.
  • Many colleges have added a space in their application for COVID-related issues.
  • Colleges may be weighing essays and grades heavier. Other colleges may be adding additional things to their application, such as interviews or a portfolio.
  • Many schools are focusing on the student’s character and may try to ask you questions to really learn more about who you are.
  • Students (not parents) should reach out to admission representatives.

Read more here from this article from NPR:

How The Coronavirus Has Upended College Admissions


NCAA Eligibility Requirements

  • To play at a Division I or Division II college, students must register with NCAA Clearinghouse by the end of their junior year
    • www.eligibilitycenter.org



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