Future Programming Options 2019-2020

Grades 11, 12


Graduation Requirements

Class of 2020 & Beyond

English (8 credits) English 9 (2), English 10 (2), English 11(2) and English Elective (2)
English 9 (2), English 10 (2), College Comp I/II (2),

Social (7 credits) Civics (2), US History (2), World History 11 (2), Economics (1)
Civics (2), US History (2), College World History I or II (1), Social Elective (1), Economics (1)

Math (6 credits) Intermediate Algebra (2), Geometry (2), Algebra II (2)
Geometry (2), Algebra II (2), Beg College Algebra/College Algebra (2)

Science (6 credits) Physical Science (2), General Biology (2), Science Electives (2)

Physical Ed/Health (1) Phy Ed Elective/Health (1)

Computer (2) Computer Electives (2)

Fine Arts (1) Fine Arts Elective (1)

Total minimum number of credits to graduate for the class of 2020: 46

Programming Options for Earning HS Credit

Five Main Options

There are five main options that students and parents can utilize to fulfill the Pillager High School graduation requirements. Students can enroll in most of these options at the beginning of their junior year in HS.

Main Program Options

  • PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) on CLC Campus or any campus that offers PSEO
  • CIS (College in the Schools) on Pillager Campus
  • PSEO Online through any participating college
  • Traditional courses taken in the school building not for college credit
  • CLEP Testing (Earning college credit by exam)

PSEO on College Campus

  • Free tuition/books for eligible students and participating colleges in MN
  • Admission requirements may vary from institution to institution
  • Attendance full-time/part-time
  • Wide variety of classes to choose from
  • Credits may be transferable to other colleges/institutions
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Mix of student ages (high school-any age)
  • Students can still participate in any high school activity/event
  • Students must notify the Pillager School district by May 30th if they are planning on going PSEO

CIS (College in the Schools with CLC) on Pillager Campus

  • Students have the option to earn college credit through CLC while staying on the Pillager High School Campus.
  • Students are intermixed with their classmates and peers their own age.
  • Communication is open between instructor, student, parent.
  • Students receive the benefit of having our high school teachers teaching their college course.
  • Students have every Friday off from their college class(s). Teachers have open hours on Fridays for students to receive extra help if needed.

CIS Courses 2019-2020

  • There will be a variety of courses offered as CIS for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. More specific course information will be available as spring approaches.

Courses that may be offered for the 2019-2020 school year:

Intro to Literature World History I

Concepts of Biology Intro to Science Fiction Literature

Composition I & II General Psychology

Introduction to Business Calculus I


Intro to Sociology

College Algebra

Online Opportunities

  • CLC’s PSEO Online
  • MN Colleges that offer PSEO and online courses

*Must be able to work independently

*Must be proficient with technology and computers

Traditional Courses

  • Non-college credit courses are always offered to all students
  • Students may complete their graduation requirements through a variety of classes
  • Students may still take a college level course even if they do not wish to take the college credit (CIS). Course requirements may vary for non CIS students.

CLEP Credits

  • Students are able to test out of certain subject areas and receive college credit.
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency and can bypass academic coursework
  • Each CLEP exam is $85.00 plus administration fee
  • CLEP offers 33 exams in five subject areas (History, Composition, Science & Math, Business, World Language)
  • Test Center locations around MN
  • Make sure the college you plan on attending accept CLEP credits

Making Choices and Options Available

  • Earn and maintain at least a B average (3.0)
  • Pre-entrance test is required. Students must pass both the Reading and the Math on the Accuplacer at a certain level to register for Composition I and College Level Math for CLC
  • PSEO qualifications for CLC (3.0 cumulative GPA junior year, 2.5 cumulative GPA senior year)
  • Each college may have and enforce their own GPA standards as well as entrance exams

PSEO Process

  • Complete a CLC Application/College Application
  • Complete a PSEO Program Notice of Student Registration (if taking an online course or going to CLC).
  • Send HS transcript (verification of GPA requirements)
  • Assessment (take Accuplacer)

When do I register?

  • Any student wanting to take advantage of CIS will register with me this spring. Final registration will occur with CLC for CIS courses in September 2019 after the drop/add date. Students will also take the Accuplacer in a large group setting in early April.
  • Courses start at the end of August for PSEO students and online PSEO
  • CIS courses will begin at the start of the “regular” high school year (day after Labor Day).

Scheduling 2019-2020

  • Junior and senior students will be meeting with me individually to make their schedule. Students who are interested in CIS, PSEO, or PSEO online will be placed in the CIS courses and will be given the entrance exam (Accuplacer) in Pillager in a large group setting in early April.
  • Students who wish to test at CLC can sign up online through CLC’s website.

Q & A

  • If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ways I can be reached:

Direct Line: (218) 746-2116

Email: sturner@isd116.org

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