Heat Week 2019

#DivestHarvard (campaign by Harvard Undergraduates for Environmental Justice)

Intro & form - Arielle

Why We Want to #DivestHarvard - Ilana

DH Campaign

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> slides 8-9: Arielle

Harvard Heat Week

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Get Organizing

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Questions & I

Make sure to log your call participation :)


  • Name of organization they are a part of
  • *if they are planning to organize a contingent to come in person
    • Do they need any resource support (food, housing, travel $)
  • If no to #2, are they planning a parallel action
  • Either way, if they can promote Flood Harvard action online and via press materials
  • Their social media handles for organization
  • Their email for organization
  • Additional comments/explanation on questions above

Agenda (8-9pm)

8:03 pm - Introduction from Ilana & Arielle

8:05 pm - Why We Say #DivestHarvard

8:07 pm - Divest Harvard Campaign Overview

8:15 pm - Harvard Heat Week Overview

8:25 pm - Get Organized for Flood Harvard

8:35 - Question & Answer

8:45 - Takeaways & Open Brainstorm

8:55 - Closing & Next Steps


Why We Want to #DivestHarvard (It’s About Justice)

Here, for instance, is a screenshot of potential coastal flooding in the 2070s, in the event of a storm that has a 10 percent chance of hitting any given year. It takes into account high tide and projected sea level rise of 3 feet by the 2070s:”


Divest Harvard Campaign

Our Mission

We, as Harvard students and world citizens, are fighting for climate justice by demanding that Harvard be held accountable for supporting a more just and sustainable future, particularly as an institution of higher education and as an institution with considerable societal influence. A Harvard that truly strives to foster future generations of responsible leaders must begin by displaying leadership of its own; the university cannot legitimately support actionable climate solutions while continuing to invest in the fossil fuel industry, a chief perpetrator of climate injustice and the racist, sexist, and inequitable economic system behind it. Recognizing Harvard’s role in the clear and imminent reality of global climate change, we are calling for immediate and long-term action: Harvard must divest now.

Overall wrap of the mission: Harvard is 1) an institution of higher education (responsibility to its students) 2) an institution with widespread societal influence (responsibility to be an ethical actor on the world stage) > we want Harvard to divest from fossil fuels immediately & completely

Our Asks (tangible results)

We are asking for President Bacow, the Harvard Corporation, the Harvard Board Overseers, and the Harvard Management Company to...

Disclose, divest, & reinvest!

  • Publicly disclose all holdings in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Release a statement declaring commitment to total divestment from the fossil fuel industry along with a comprehensive plan for how to achieve this by Earth Day, 2020.
  • Adopt the sustainable and socially responsible reinvestment principles of 350.org.
  • Meet GRAIN’s demands to cease university investments in farmland, resolve associated land conflicts, and ensure compensation for affected communities.

We’re going to have a group meeting where we discuss and vote on these

Time Bound

Earth Day, 2020


Significance of building pressure within a year to next earth week (environmental/global marker)

> pressure*

Our Targets

University President Lawrence Bacow

Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow William F. Lee

Board of Overseers President: Susan L. Carney

Harvard Management Company CEO N.P. Narvekar



What is Harvard Heat Week?

  • Heat Week originally staged in spring 2015
  • Series of public actions and speaking events (brought major figures including Bill McKibben to campus)
  • Galvanized students across campus in divestment action

How are we reviving it?

  • Going to re-stage even larger Harvard Heat Week this spring during Earth Week (4/22-4/26)


Harvard Heat Week

Heat Week Schedule (4/22-4/26)

Mon 4/22 - Earth Day Tabling (12-2pm), Press Conference (3-4pm), Institutional Divestment Panel (5-7pm), Civil Disobedience Training (8-10pm)

Tues 4/23 - Joint Puerto Rican Divestment-Climate Justice Panel (5-7pm), Civil Disobedience Training (8-10pm)

Wed 4/24 - Banner Drop (3-4pm), Local Climate Mobilization Panel (5-7pm)

Thurs 4/25 - Global Climate Crisis Panel (5-7pm), Sit-in (8-10pm)

Fri 4/26 - Flood Harvard rally (2-5pm) & Nighttime Vigil (8-9pm)

*Friday night vigil to be followed by yard camping & Visitas actions.*



We’re going to physically flood Harvard’s campus with students and activists calling for divestment!


Flood Harvard Details

WHEN: Friday, April 26th @2pm

WHERE: Harvard Yard (rally around Tercentenary Theater)

WHAT: Join student activists of Divest Harvard to flood Harvard College's campus with support for the divestment of the university's nearly $40 billion endowment from the fossil fuel industry at the heart of the climate crisis! Rally speakers will include prominent alumni and faculty members, student and social justice activists, and local community members.

Get Organizing!

How You Can Get Involved

  • Join us in person on Friday, April 26th (#1 priority)!
  • Stage a parallel action on your campus (for those who cannot attend in person)!
  • Share Heat Week information across over your social media and email networks, amplifying our demands.
    • Share this Facebook event.
    • You can use these templates and these graphics.
  • Issue a formal endorsement of Harvard Heat Week and our Flood Harvard action.
  • Put out press releases to promote the Flood Harvard actions.

Read more on how to be a Heat Week Campus Ally in this guide.


Join us at Harvard!

Bring all of your people to Harvard Yard at 1pm! Make a formal action plan:

  • Set a time/location for your contingent to meet up and come to Harvard’s campus by 1pm.
  • Determine your method of travel to Harvard’s campus.
  • If you need overnight provisions, be sure to account for that.
  • Set up any fundraising operations or apply for any grants needed to make this happen.
  • Plan recruitment of people to join your contingent before the action and keep in contact with all of them for the day of.

For those who need it, we will work with you to provide food for dinner and housing if you need overnight accomodations.


Stage a parallel action!

For those who cannot make it in person to Harvard’s campus…

  • Set up a parallel Flood Harvard rally to join in our call for divestment on your own campus (amplifying your demands to your administration as well).
  • Use graphics and online messaging under the Harvard Heat Week campaign to publicize your action.
  • Issue a formal endorsement of Harvard Heat Week and the Flood Harvard action in which you also share plans for your parallel action.
  • Organize, organize, organize on your campus to get people to action!
  • On April 26th, livestream your rally and tag @DivestHarvard on social media.


Pub, pub, pub!

  • Share our Facebook event, graphics, and posts across social media (@DivestHarvard on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Use #divestharvard and #divesthighered.
  • Put out press releases to promote Flood Harvard action.
  • Use these templates to share over email and social media.
  • Flyer around your campus and public spaces using these graphics.
  • Issue a formal endorsement of Harvard Heat Week and our Flood Harvard action.



  • Do you have specific times/locations for all of the heat week events?
    • We have time frames for all of them. The most important one is that Flood Harvard will be on Friday 4/26 at 1 PM in Harvard Yard.
    • For NVCD trainings, they’ll be between 8-10 PM.
    • The 3 panel discussions (Tues, Wed, Thurs) will be between 5-7 PM.
    • The Civil Disobedience public actions on Wed and Thurs will be around 6 PM range.
    • Also do some communal dinners and communal spaces between, such as between rally & vigil on Friday.
  • Are there any repercussions/sanctions you expect from Harvard or issues with campus police, etc.?
    Are the civil disobedience trainings for flood harvard or for different events in harvard heat week? Are there higher risk groups for certain events in harvard heat week?
    • These are for Flood Harvard AND for public actions on Wed & Thurs (such as banner drop & sit-in). They’re not specific high-risk groups, but we imagine that the people who turn out will be more involved in the movement vs. Flood Harvard which will be a giant campus-wide rally.
    • The answer is: It’s always possible to have repercussions, but seems unlikely.
    • Banner drop: no repercussions. Sit-in is not overnight, meant to be hype-up for rally. Rally is almost definitely on. The point of the rally is to flood the campus with so many people that it will look bad for them to do any repercussions.
    • We will talk to Harvard University Police Department.
    • We recognize that different students have different statuses and in the event of arrest, that has different implications for everyone.
    • We are setting up a bail fund as a precaution. But we don’t anticipate any arrests.
    • Friday’s rally is meant to be a huge flash point of action.
    • If there’s any risk, it’d be Wed & Thurs. We don’t anticipate high-risk but it’s possible.

Have people write in chat and say aloud.

  • I saw on your social media that you guys kind of incorporated the uprooted and rising movement. we have that on our campus as well and I was wondering if you could say a little more about you the two movements can support each other
    • We met UNR at our Land Under Siege rally, which was something we supported that is calling out Harvard’s land investments in Brazil.
    • On March 29th, we’ll be hosting another event having to do with Harvard’s land investments.
  • How do you see this campaign being different from past divestment campaigns at Harvard given the history of divestment being unsuccessful? Why start it back up again now?
    • We want to use the knowledge of what worked in the past.
    • We’re not sure that Heat Week will be the turning point, but that is our goal.
    • It seemed like the most successful moment of the campaign. The huge amount of media attention it got meant a huge reputational hit for Harvard.
    • And we’re in a unique political moment. Middlebury just won. We’re part of a larger second wave. We’re not isolated in bringing back our campaign.
    • We also have a new President Larry Bacow - started last fall, replaced Drew Faust. Increased efficacy now because he’s more susceptible to public pressure than Faust. He’s new. He’s not new to the divesmtent cause (he was on the corporation and was anti-divestment). But we see him as more vulnerable.
  • We’d love to find ways to engage our faculty group (Harvard Faculty for Divestment) more formally. For example, we have several physicians from Harvard medical school who’d like to do a teach-in or similar presentation on the health harms of fossil fuels during Heat Week - on a date/time that you feel would work best. We have many faculty from FAS that are willing to participate as well.

Out of curiosity - what are some of the tactics that you’re planning to utilize in galvanizing Harvard undergrads to come to Flood Harvard??

How big is your campaign and what type of turnout are you expecting? Thanks :)

Brainstorming Ideas

We’ll put down key notes from our discussion here...

Have people take 1 minute of silence to come up with ideas/write in chat. Then get perspectives in.

Closing & Next Steps


Support Heat Week starting now by:

  • Sharing our Facebook event for Flood Harvard ( bitly.com/floodharvard).
  • Following @DivestHarvard on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (tag us in your posts and use the #DivestHarvard, #DivestHigherEd, #Divest____).
  • Issuing a press release in support of our Flood Harvard action.
  • Making a concrete plan for how to get your people to Flood Harvard (or how you will stage a parallel action).

Additional Resources

Heat Week Web Page: https://huej.org/

Divest Harvard Participation Form: https://huej.typeform.com/to/k74dnx

Divest Harvard Endorsement Form: https://huej.typeform.com/to/wiVAEk

Email us at harvardsjsf@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, and/or ideas!

February 2020 Escalation!

We want your campus to join us on February 13th, 2020 for NATIONAL DIVESTMENT DAY; a coordinated day of actions on 50+ campuses across the nation! Are you in? Follow our FB page, Fossil Free Future, for updates, and fill out the form to get in touch, learn more, and get details about video calls answering questions about National Divestment Day.


Fossil Free Future is a project in collaboration with Divest Ed to organize collaboration for this national escalation and help share graphics, research and other resources across campuses.

Thank you!

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