Leading from

the inside out

Allyson Apsey




What is your greatest accomplishment?

Practice Question:

My greatest accomplishment is living each day to its fullest, and focusing on being what the people around me need me to be. I take care of myself too, don’t worry, I just don’t want taking care of myself to interfere with what others need.

One of my greatest accomplishments...

Or maybe this...

Leading from the

Inside out

Won’t buy anything you say until they buy YOU

Our Journey


Model REAL learning

Focus on strengths

Motivate others to improve

Really listen

Have strong, positive relationships

Be a vulnerable learner

WHO are you?

What is YOUR strength?

Quiz question #2:

No worries about feeling really dumb while you participate in this presentation! I have stolen all my good ideas. The bad ones? They are mine!

Who are your greatest teachers?

Let’s watch the first 3:33 of this video featuring author Will Richardson

Two very different boys, one has struggled through school

Learned how valuable and precious it is to work past prickly exteriors with students

Learned that what is going on inside of a student isn’t always aligned with behaviors

I have felt like a failure as a parent

When I hear someone talking about a “bad” parent, I hear them talking about me

Parents I have met are doing the best they can with the information and resources they have

They need our support and loving honesty

NOT our judgement

You are more likely to regret the things you DON’T do, not the things you actually do

This guy...I will share more about him later

How can we make school a place where students

really learn?

Empower Students

Never do something yourself that a student could do

He who does the most talking does the most learning

Dr. Anthony Muhammad

What Motivates you to Improve?

how we can motivate

others to improve?

Special Guest:

Be THEIR champion

Be THEIR champion too

Teachers touch the lives of students and parents all day, every day.

Principals don’t. Our most important work is with our teachers.

See their perspective

What is Empathy?

Brene Brown video

Relationships first

Dr. William Glasser, Choice Theory

Staff won’t buy anything you say until they buy YOU

Teach five basic needs

Help teachers meet needs without interfering with others’ meeting their own needs

My Husband

Dr. Glasser’s Five Basic Needs

Energize each other

Energy sucker

Or Energizer?


Let your baggage fall off you like leaves as you walk toward the schoolhouse

Don’t exaggerate

Don’t be afraid

to look

a fool

Reciprocal vulnerability

Four Months Later...

Be careful though...

Be a creeper

Being there! When you are there, you can observe, you can listen, you know what the problems are before they become problems

Embrace Your Failures

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Get connected!

Picture the types of interactions you want to see your teachers have with students, picture the ideal classroom, the ideal relationships...then model that with your teachers.

Write your 30 second “Elevator Story”. How do we know who we are collectively unless we define it? Then, when making decisions, we can weigh them against who we are

Last Question

What next?

Thank you!

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