Welcome to Google

This slide show/movie tutorial will walk you through some of the basics

Table of Contents

Sign In

If this is your first time signing in, ask your secretary or site tech what the default passwords are.

Inbox Basics

In your inbox you will find transferred mail from Groupwise. This video will so you some organization basics.

Sending Emails

Discover some of the new features when sending emails.

Useful Settings

Change your signature and much more.

Calendar Basics

Keep your appointments, and share them with others

Training Yourself

Here is how to access just one resource.

You can also check out the follow resources:

FAQ: https://goo.gl/bVgSg2

ED Tech’s G Suite site: https://goo.gl/NMt0TT

Chat & Video Calls

Hangouts offer new ways communicate across the District

How to Change Your Password

If you cannot get into your account, please contact your site tech or have your secretary reach out to Tech Services.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo will show when anyone types in your email address.

Google Basic Training - Google Slides