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Here’s why we exist

We imagine a world in which people who have greatness to contribute to humanity aren’t their own worst obstacles.

So, we help these people get out of their heads and into the wild. We take them on Adventures In Clear Thinking.

We get them unstuck; we try to get them to gush.

And we do this with founders, marketers, and agencies.

This is our life’s work.




What we do


Strategy & writing

Strategy & ideas

How conversations start

  • “Train us in strategy and ideas.”
  • “Help us update/create our brand.”
  • “Help us write our creative brief.”
  • “Help us research our consumers.”
  • “Help us make sense of all these strategy documents.”
  • “Name my company.”
  • “Write a tagline, copy, social media posts, presentation for us.”

Who’s put us to work

Beliefs that guide us

  • Our job includes helping people improve at their jobs
  • Do strategy with people not at them
  • Strategy is a dare
  • Speak to real humans in every project
  • Never fear raw truth
  • Plain-speak over jargon
  • Thinking & doing aren’t enemies - there’s a time for each




What we do


Strategy & writing

Strategy & ideas


“How do I get good at thinking?”

New York, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Edinburgh, Dublin, Toronto, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Nashville, Baton Rouge, Santiago, Prague, Birmingham.
And a Skillshare strategy class (3,000+ students).

In person, hands-on, high energy, full day & multi-day.

Our mental workouts cover topics such as:
lateral thinking, ideas, problem identification, insights, strategy statements, creative briefs, presentations, research, interviews, writing, workshops, brainstorms, the psychology of a strategist, teamwork, and more.

1000+ students in the flesh



Justine Bloome, CSO, VaynerMedia

"I’ve never seen so many zillennials not on their phones for 2 hours. Holy sh*&!"

Maura Tuohy,
Marketing, Mozilla

“Our hyper-critical attendees called his sessions ‘awesome’ and ‘enlightening.’”

Tom Beck

Executive Director
Society of Digital Agencies

“After we were done, I realized that my strategy eye was closed.
Then I realized how bad all my past strategies were and I resent Mark for that. 
But I love him for all the great strategies I’ve done since.”

Harry Bee

CCO, Havas NYC

“I felt high as I left.”

A recent workout attendee





Discussion guides



Strategy stories

Creative briefs


Brand strategy


Content strategy


Company names

Social posts

Word drawings


Executive presentations

Executive social posts

We believe people and companies succeed because of who they are - not in spite of who they are. It’s an obvious thing to say but it’s not an obvious thing to do. And while we’ll insist on foraging around the world and talking to your customers, we’ll also dig into you and we’ll pull out what’s beating at the heart of your company.
You know that scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Yeah that.

“How do I express my brand?”



"Working with Mighty Jungle is like entering a new dimension. You see the world with fresh eyes, colored by new insights, and a renewed joy for what you do. As a leader, Mark is not afraid to push me, challenge me, and sometimes tell me to get out of my own way."

Elizabeth Lukas
CEO, Decoded, Americas

"The marketing lion that is Pollard definitely does not sleep at night.
His brain is not a quiet village."

Mark Cripps
CMO, The Economist

“You can go through a lot of agencies and consultants before finding someone with Mark’s talent. His fresh thinking opened up new ways for branding/positioning our product; his word skills gave voice and personality that brought the product to life.”

Randall Redfield
CEO, Dreampad


We can apply frameworks and techniques from Strategy! The Workout and teach your team along the way.

Careful. Tricky question. Workshops are a great way to get everyone on the same page but, having run hundreds of them, they are often best used as part of a broader strategy and creative process. Otherwise, they can feel like false starts or politics or hanging out or a subjective battle of wits.
A small team needs time before and after to reflect and improve the thinking.

“How do we get good thinking fast?”

Mighty Jungle operates out of New York but travels where thinking is needed. Strategy is led by Mark Pollard who has run strategy teams and projects in Sydney and New York.

He’s spoken at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and TEDx, written for Wharton’s Future of Advertising, Quartz, and Vice, and hosted a radio show. He runs the Sweathead Facebook community and podcast, and has been in agencies since 19 years of age. More biography here.


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