Employee Review and Development (ERD) for Education Services Staff

Why are we here today?

Falkirk Council Education Services needs a skilled workforce

“All adults who contribute to the educational experience of our learners are key players in making the vision of Learning to Achieve a reality. Our ultimate aim is to raise the bar ensuring that all of our learners have better educational outcomes.”

(Section 2: Learning to Achieve, 2009)


Everything we do... Doesn’t matter if we are Teachers, Clerical Assistants, Janitors, Drivers, Librarians, is in line with the vision of the service…Learning to Achieve. These quotes make that quite clear for us.

For some people, they may feel quite far back from the learner but the work we all do impacts on learners. (e.g. ensuring invoices are paid, looking after premises etc., learning can’t happen unless all the background and prep work has been done.)

Developing a skilled workforce

  • All services have a statutory requirement to develop their workforce
  • Need to ensure a fair, consistent, appropriate, transparent, approach to professional learning
  • Feedback indicates that, in the past, there has been a lack of consistency around workforce development
  • Education Services’ ERD is our common approach to workforce development

Staff are entitled to be treated fairly and equally. Opportunities should be there for all staff.

Feedback from things like the Clerical Review highlighted that some members of staff felt there was a lack of consistency.

We need to address that so….ERD is our common approach to ……..

What is ERD?

  • It is a process which supports you to review and reflect on your strengths and your areas for development
  • It’s about attitudes and behaviours, not the tasks we do
  • It’s for every member of staff in Education Services

ERD is for everyone…………

Reviewing, reflecting and recognising our strengths and understanding our areas for development

It’s about developing our people to ensure we all feel confident and empowered to take the service forward.

Outcomes of ERD?

For you

  • Recognition of your contribution to the Service
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Agreed development priorities
  • Opportunity to enhance skills
  • Increased self-awareness

How often do we get a chance to stop and consider what we are doing and to gain recognition for a good job well done?

Following your meeting you should be feeling more confident and motivated and have a clear vision of where you are going, what is going to be important for you and have identified the opportunities you want to follow up on.

Outcomes of ERD?

For Education Services

  • A deeper understanding of individuals within the workforce
  • A clearer picture of workforce strengths
  • A more strategic and consistent approach to meeting workforce needs
  • An enhanced ethos and culture across the workforce

“Our ultimate aim is to raise the bar ensuring that all of our learners have better educational outcomes.”

We don’t know what skills our staff have. People could be out there with skills and talents we don’t even know about

We have limited resources to provide opportunities and we need to ensure everyone is getting their fair share. There would be point us paying for training in e.g. Excel if everyone is the service knows how to use it or doesn’t need to use it. We need to apply what we have strategically

If people feel valued and fairly treated then we will enhance the ethos and culture across the service

ERD Process

  • Click on the link below to access the ERD Process Animation:


CPD Manager

A guidance document explaining how to use CPD Manager to complete the ERD Process can be found under the ERD Menu on CPD Manager. Each section of the guidance document also has a related walkthrough video.

Included in the document is Validator Guidance on:

An “Unread Self-Evaluation Prompt” alert

An “ERD Plan to be Signed Off” alert

Where do we go from here…

  • Different teams will be at different stages of readiness
  • All staff will have undertaken an Employee Review meeting by October 2015
  • ERD will support GTCS staff to meet their Professional Update requirements, starting in session 2014-15

Some teams may agree to undertake ERD meeting in a block i.e. 1st week in April. In others there may be a rolling programme but everyone will have had an ERD meeting by October 2015.

To teach in Scotland you must be registered with the General Teaching Council Scotland so for our GTCS registered staff ERD will support them with Professional update.


Any questions?

oWhat is a work profile?

oWill we all be using the same one?

oWho will be my ERD validator?

oHow often will I get an ERD meeting?

oWhat is the difference between a Profile and a Prompt?

oWhat is an ERD plan?

ERD Information Session- Google Docs version no animation - Google Slides