Canvas for Parents

Canvas for Parents Overview Video


Do you have more than one student in middle or high school in FISD?

See Step 3 on Slide 10.

Learn how to create your Student Pairing Code and Parent Account

What is Canvas?


Learning Management System (LMS)

An online learning platform with many benefits.

How are we using Canvas?

We want it to be your one-stop-shop!

  • Class assignments, quizzes, and tests posted to the Calendar
  • Class announcements
  • Teacher Tutorial Schedules



COURSEWORK: This will open the units of study and any class notes or assignments the teacher chooses to share.

RESOURCES: Teacher email, tutorial schedule, and resources.

Calendar will show all of your student’s minor and major grade due dates.


What about my student’s grades?

The gradebook (HAC) is still separate from Canvas.

Teachers may have students turn in work on Canvas, and students may be able to see grades for those assignments on Canvas, but these grades are not “official” until they are entered in HAC.

We have placed a link to HAC on the teacher Canvas pages!


How do I access Canvas as a parent?


Get Pairing Code from your Student

Create your account on Canvas

Access your student’s classes!

How to get your pairing code from your student

Step 1: Have your student log in to their Canvas Account.

Students go to

Log in with Student ID and birthday (mmddyyyy)

Step 2: Open Account Settings.

Step 3: Obtain Pairing Code


How to set up your parent account

Step 1: Go to Canvas and create your account.

Parents go to

Step 2: Fill out the account form and enter the pairing code.

Step 3 (optional): Add more kids if needed


There’s an App for that!


Find My School - Search “Frisco ISD”

Setting up Notifications

On your parent account, go to Settings. Be sure to add your phone number if you’d like to receive text notifications.


Setting up Notifications

Decide what notifications you’d like.


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