Country Name


  • In this section: climate and three major cities


  • In this section: languages spoken, poverty rate, GDP per capita, % of population with clean water access, % of population with quality bathrooms


  • In this section include: religions practiced

Current Event (News)

  • In this section: something in the news from this country (must be from 2018 or 2019)

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Capital Capital City

Coordinates 0.00 N, 0.00 S

Physical Size 100,000 sq km

Population 3,000,000

Currency US Dollars

Exchange Rate $1 USD = $1

(to USD)

Country Name


  • In this section: Other interesting facts, customs, fashions, popular music, etc.


  • In this section: Explain something important from the country’s history or something in the country that shows the legacy of colonialism or Columbus

Popular Foods

  • In this section: at least two popular local foods and explained

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Country Name

Safety Issues

  • In this section include: safety issues to keep in mind when visiting the country

Tourist Attractions

  • In this section include: two tourist attractions (described) and why you want to go/see them


  • In this section include: your thoughts, what you learned, and any remaining questions

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