Honoring Farm Workers

The People Who Put Food on Your Table

The “Fruits” of a Farm

  • People all over the United States eat fruits and vegetables grown in California.

The “Fruits” of a Farm

  • California farms grow more food than any other state in the United States.

Where does it Come From?

  • The best produce in the world comes from California. And most of it is hand picked.

California’s Central Valley

California’s Central Valley

California’s Central Valley

California’s Central Valley

Working on a Farm

  • Farm work has been hard, back-breaking work for many years.

Trying to Make a Living

  • Many farm labor families had to move from one farm to another to look for work.

Under the Sun All Day

  • Much of the farm work is done under the hot sun, with no shade, and little water.

Farm Living Conditions

  • During the depression many farm workers had to live in shacks. These “homes” had no heat and no bathroom inside.

Hand Picked Fruit

  • Peaches, apples, oranges, and other fruits have to be picked by hand, from a ladder, one at a time.

The “Fruits” of a Farm

  • You can imagine the bag of oranges this man is filling is getting quite heavy on his shoulder.

On Their Feet and Knees All Day

  • Much of the work is done the same way as it was decades ago. Some fruits are so fragile, like strawberries, they cannot be picked by machine. They have to be picked by hand.

Getting the Food to Markets

  • New machines and technology have been invented to make the work go faster.

Getting the Food to Markets

  • Any, or all of these fruits, could have been grown and picked on California farms.

Grapes Grapes, Grapes!

  • Miles and miles of grape vines grow on farms in California. Grapes are used in wine, juice, and jelly.

A Cash Crop

  • Grapes are one of the best selling crops grown in our state. People eat them fresh, as raisins, or in other foods and drinks.

Harder than it Looks

  • A box of grapes can weigh over fifty pounds. Placing it on the head is a way to make it seem lighter.

Unhealthy Conditions

  • Pesticides are used to kill bugs. These chemicals can hurt people working on farms, too.

Dangerous Machinery

  • Working around farm machinery can be very dangerous. Farm workers have lost arms and legs.

Farm Worker Safety

  • Here is a web site that discusses the many health issues faced by farm workers today:

  • .

National Center for Farm Worker Health

Defending the Rights of Workers

  • Cesar Chavez was a farm worker, and later became a labor organizer that helped farm workers gain better working conditions and pay.

Defending the Rights of Workers

  • Cesar Chavez helped workers have access to clean drinking water, shade, toilets, and hospitals, if they got hurt. He also helped children of farm workers go to school. In California, we have a holiday for Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez’ Life and Work Now a Film
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