Bloomfield Middle School Chromebook Distribution

Before you leave...

  • Chromebook ( keep the box)
  • Signed AUP form
  • Network Email/Network password
  • Covers (coming 1st week of school)


  • Why 1:1
  • AUP
  • Care/What if?
  • Procedures
  • Expectations

Why Chromebook 1:1?

  • Connects students to the world
  • Prepares for 21st century: collaboration, problem solving, student-centered
  • Intuitive
  • Producer vs. consumer of information.
  • Battery Life

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • The Chromebook is your responsibility: return in same condition as issued
  • Digital Citizenship
  • BOE Policy 2361 “Acceptable Use of Computers“ & 1-to-1 Acceptable Use Policy Handbook.
  • Chromebook and data are Bloomfield District Property
  • Filters active at home and school.
  • Privilege, not a right


  • Take care of YOUR Chromebook
  • Be prepared: charged chromebook in school every day
  • Leave charger at home
  • In locker during Lunch and Phys. Ed.

How do I take care of it?

  • Carry the Chromebook closed and with two hands.
  • Be prepared: charge your Chromebook every night
  • Everything will be done to return this Chromebook to you for next academic year.
  • Heavy objects will break the screen.
  • Do not decorate the chromebook! No stickers, pencil marks, duct tape, etc...
  • Don’t place anything on the keyboard.
  • When unplugging-do so gently.
  • Keep all food/drinks away to prevent damage.
  • When not using, close to save the battery.

Problem with Chromebook? Bring to the Media Center.

Loaners provided during repair.

What if something happens to my Chromebook?

  • Lost Chromebook=students and their parents are responsible for replacing the Chromebook.

  • Stolen Chromebook=Parent Conference required. The school requires a copy of the filed police report, before a replacement Chromebook is issued.

  • Damaged Chromebook
    • Discipline assigned as needed
    • Fee determined based on incident number.
    • Non-Chromebook loaner issued until fee is paid

What if something happens to my Chromebook?

  • Report immediately!
  • Lost/stolen outside of school=report to police
  • 1st incident = no cost for the replacement. Parent Conference may be required.
  • 2nd incident =$55.00. The fine must be paid before a replacement is issued.
  • 3rd incident =$110.00. The fine must be paid before a replacement is issued.
  • 4th incident =cost of the Chromebook. Parental Conference required. The fine must be paid before a replacement is issued.

Connect to the Internet

Logging In-Must Be With A Bloomfield Account

K-8 = 8 character password

Need Help? Press CTRL, ALT, ?

Chromebook in the Classroom

  • Google Docs: interact, collaborate, organize, research
  • Google Forms: quizzes, tests, exit tickets, surveys
  • Google Classroom: interaction with teacher/classmates, , discussion, assignments, homework
  • Apps/Extensions

We use online tools called Edina Apps - Moodle and Google to do our work on a Chromebook.

Signing Off

  • Shut Down powers down the Chromebook and logs the user out of their Chromebook.

  • Sign Out logs a user out of the Chromebook.

  • Closing the Chromebook lid puts the Chromebook in Sleep mode.

  • Important to shut down between periods of extended non-use.

Sign Out

Shut Down

Distribution Presentation Makeup Session - Google Slides