Smart Stellenbosch

Leveraging technology and design for quality living on a thriving planet!

Prepared by:
Marius Snyman


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  • Purpose and KPI’s
  • Ambitions
  • Organisation
  • Project Portfolio
  • Next Steps


1. Purpose & KPI’s

  • Actively promoting Smart Stellenbosch in order to benefit all stakeholders by providing a single point of contact and branding to attract funding, investors, contributors and coordinate participants.
  • KPI’s derived from the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) - except growth is redefined as “meeting needs” rather than a continuous growth paradigm.


2. Ambitions

  • AFFORDABLE and OPEN IoT Platform for Smart Cities
    • Servers, Apps, Devices, Networks
      • Monitor (dashboards and alerts)
      • Control
      • Infer & Analyse
      • Automate
    • Build on existing open source & FOSS principles for collaboration
    • community synergy and support
    • options to protect individual IP
  • ENABLE local IoT SERVICES and DEVICES sector
    • for gateways, sensors, actuators, autonomous devices, etc
  • CASE STUDY for South African smart cities


Enable a thriving human habitat in harmony with the ecology by means on technology, innovation and better economic models.

Smart Stellenbosch

Quality living on a thriving planet!


Platform, Network, Devices, Citizen App

Environmental Monitoring / Control

Financial and non-financial models

Better Living Solutions (water, energy, housing, waste, transport, communication, safety, etc)

3. Organisational Units


Smart Stellenbosch


Smart Stellenbosch

Agency / Business

  • Organisation structure
    • Steering committee
    • Think Tank
    • Community Involvement platform (via Citizen App)
  • Governance
    • King IV principles
    • Identify Needs
    • Determine Policy
    • Protect the commons (data use and access, integrity of the organisation and systems)
  • Work groups (platform / focus)
  • Project Portfolio Management
    • Direct innovative proposals to meet needs
    • Qualify according to need and value added
    • Oversee projects
  • Commercial Management
    • Platform
    • Sales
    • Manufacturing
    • Service
  • Individual businesses and projects are also aligned with this entity AND be a set of agreements to reward innovators


  • Stellenbosch Municipality
  • Stellenbosch University: STIAS, Launch Lab & Innovus
  • Adam Tas Corridor Planning Project
  • Businesses (could cross subsidise)
  • Other government bodies
  • Industry institutions
  • Foreign institutions (e.g. CIPAL, Gates Foundation)
  • Small Business
  • The citizens

Organisational Functional Integration

  • represent all stakeholders in town
  • integrated with Collaborative Governance (CoGo)
  • Help develop data and functional governance policies
  • Have relationships with both


Smart Stellenbosch


Smart Stellenbosch



  • Promote / Operations / Sales
  • Sales (profit share and intellectual shares for all participants - still have option to start own entities)
  • Independent Board of Advisors (management support)
  • Platform Teams*
  • Focus Groups*

Organisation Work Groups

Platform* and Focus Groups*

  • Server platform
    • Focussed on Open Source
  • Open Device Platform
    • for gateways, sensors and actuators, autonomous devices
      • Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi / ARM, RISC-V
      • Edge gateway (EdgeX)
  • Citizen App (PWA)
  • AI and Analytics

  • Better living
    • Healthy Food, Housing, Transport, Less waste, Clean Energy (all forms), education and social collaboration integrated with eGovernment
  • Better Activity
    • Better organise Government, Business & Economy
    • trust based and trusless (like crypto currencies)
    • financial and non-financial
  • Thriving Ecology
    • Thriving rivers, parks, living organisms
    • Healthy water (all uses) - catchment, rivers, dams (including Theewaterskloof), boreholes, aquifer, desalination (False Bay), reuse
    • Healthy air & soil


Platform Teams

Focus Groups

  • Social capital - potential source for social engagement and increasing democracy


In Africa limited suplusses were shared and beyond that was wasteful, so impact on nature was constrained naturally.

This was in tribes before missionaries and colonies.

4. Projects (incubating)


  • IoT Platform
    • Servers and easy to use device platform for outdoor use.
  • Water
    • Clean water in rivers, boreholes, dams, reused water while knowing and managing impact of water use (Stellenbosch draws most water from boreholes now)
    • building a new river sensor kit with SUWI
      • A. temp, pH, EC, DO, turbidity
      • B. second phase
        • NIR - near infrared spectography - chemical composition
        • nitrates, phosphates, ammonium
  • Citizen App (CIPAL)
    - contribute ideas here till 22 Nov 2019:
    • PWA to Inform, Promote, Collaborate, Transact (business [B2C, B2B], eGovernment, social network, dashboards, alerts)


Projects (under consideration)

Under consideration


  • Open Access Networks
    • GPRS, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, WiFi
    • E.g. Smart Streetlamps (could provide the networks) networks & internet, sensors, signage / PA system, electric vehicle charging, etc - new and repurposed
  • Develop easy to use indoor and vehicle sensor/actuator platforms with easy development and integration
  • Drone Safety Monitoring and Aerial surveys
    • I.e. rapid response to crime and high quality aerial surveys using a shared drone resource
  • Smart Data Source Integration (existing data and data sources - departments in all tiers of gov. & Google, etc. )


  • Non-financial economy solutions
    • Community food production and housing through participation model / reward tracking
  • Housing: Tiny houses / Smart Neighbourhoods (new / converted)
    • Special neighbourhoods and factory made tiny houses for SA with rapid deployment option for integrated & distributed water purification, sewerage management and energy [solar, wind, etc]
  • Energy
    • Backup generator if needed for Escom blackouts and lower costs, while increasing municipal revenues
  • Transport
    • support revision and implementation of municipal integrated transport plan already approved


5. Next Steps

  • 2019
    • Complete Server platform setup
    • CIPAL (Belgium) visit first week of December 2019
      • Citizen App initial stakeholders and contributors meetings
    • River Monitoring PoC with basic sensors & communication
  • 2020
    • River Monitoring include additional sensors (NIR) & implement Zigbee or LoRaWAN network
    • Plan commercialisation of river monitoring kit
    • Proceed with Smart Tiny Homes & grids (water, elec, sewerage), Smart Streetlamps, Smart Transport
    • Complete governance policy and organisational structure a roles with criteria
      • Obtain nominees from community and roles
      • Election of key people in functions
      • Establish formal Agency (TecLab hands over role)




Smart Streetlamp

Factory built Smart Tiny Home neighbourhoods with built-in water, energy and sewerage/waste grids




Examples - Open Source Public Transport App

Examples - Environmental Monitoring

Water quality, water usage, air quality and weather - early warning systems for disasters and health, plus environmental pollution, etc - data for researchers and decision makers (business, government, investors, choosing a place to live, etc)

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