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How We Work

Video production should be a fun, collaborative process that results in a product that is an impactful and positive representation of your vision.

This guide will provide a general overview of the evolution of your project, beginning with the first time you contact us through final delivery of your video and beyond.

1. Our First Meeting

2. The Proposal

6. Final Delivery

8. Our Team

Though this guide follows the full life-cycle of a project, we are happy to discuss steps individually as well.

Step 1: Our First Meeting HOWDY!

After you’ve decided to reach out to us - via email, our contact form, or by phone - we’ll schedule time for a brief meeting (<30 minutes) to dig a little deeper into your project needs, ideas, and any other specifics. Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure what you want - that’s why we’re here!

You’re excited to get your project started, and we’re excited that you want to learn more about how Consequence Video Designs can best help you achieve your goals!

Step 2: The Proposal

After delivery of the proposal, we’ll be happy to answer any and all additional questions you may have, and once you decide that Consequence Video Designs is a good match for you, we’ll send an updated work agreement for approval. Let’s get started!

Within a few days of our first meeting, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for your project, similar to THIS. It will outline our initial project discussion, proposed deliverables, general gear list, and a projected cost summary. It will also include a sample work agreement for your review.

Step 3: Pre-Production

The key to an excellent final product is excellent planning

Now we’ll get to work creating everything we need for a successful project. This is the time when scripts get written, shoot locations are secured, and shot lists planned out. We go through the project deliverables with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that everything will go correctly from the first day of shooting, all the way through the editing process.

This is also the time we’ll dig a bit deeper into your project specifics. What sort of music do we want to use? Who will our voice-over talent be? We’ll help you figure all this out and more.

Step 3.5: Pre-Production Continued

After much of the pre-production planning is complete, but before shooting begins, we will provide you a Production Summary Packet, similar to THIS.

It will include a summary of the entire production portion of our project, including the production team, the gear being used, a detailed shoot schedule, and any visual styles or elements that will be incorporated.

Step 4: Production

Shoot Day is here!

Even with all that planning, shoot days can still be a little hectic. Don’t worry though - we’ve done this before!
Depending on the project, we generally arrive at the location 1-2 hours prior to the start of shooting. Our crew will load in all the gear, get everything ready to begin on-time, and work with your staff to address any last-minute issues.

From the first time “Quiet” is called on the set through when the director says “It’s a wrap!”, our professional and talented team will ensure that the shoot moves as smoothly and efficiently as possible, all while capturing incredible digital imagery.

Step 5: Post Production

Now the magic starts

After the shoot is complete (or if this is a project that doesn’t include live video), we head back to our edit suite and get to work ingesting, organizing, and editing all of the digital assets that will make up the final video.

We begin by creating a rough-cut of your project and sending it back for your initial approval. From there, we’ll further refine the video - smoothing out transitions, adding graphics, sweetening audio - until it’s perfect and shiny and ready to be shared with the world.

Step 6: Final Delivery

While we realize many videos are created for web-only distribution these days, we’re able to deliver in nearly any professional format you may need, and in multiple formats if necessary. We can send the files wherever they are needed, or upload them directly to your desired media channels.

You will receive an HD h.264 version of each video we’ve created for you, which is suitable for use across all of your online or mobile marketing channels. Additionally, we can provide social-ready versions of your project in your preferred aspect ratio - horizontal, square, or vertical.

Step 7: Asset Delivery

After the project is fully completed and wrapped, we’ll gather together all of the digital assets that were created for this project (excluding software project files) and deliver them to you on a portable hard drive. Unless otherwise noted in the work agreement, you retain ownership to all raw video and final graphics created during production, and are free to use them in the future however you wish!

Our Team

Our core team of talented professionals has over 30 years of production experience between them. Our work has taken us across the globe, creating projects that range from brand positioning videos to live sports coverage to profiles of CEO’s and professional athletes.


Gardner Raymond

Director of Photography

Jorge Jovel

Line Producer

Ken Grau

Gardner Raymond


Originally from Bangor, ME, Gardner is the founder of Consequence Video Designs. An editor by trade but a predator by necessity, Gardy will make sure your project is headed in the right direction. From shooting to editing to animation, corporate to sports to documentary, he's done a little bit of everything. He enjoys all things outdoors, from mountain bikes to snowboards to trap shooting, and has dedicated himself to sharing his passion of nature and travel with others since 2000. Some current and past clients include Cannondale, Penn State University, Red Bull, Bicycling Magazine, Lycoming Engines, and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Jorge Jovel

Director of Photography

Jorge is an Art Director / DP originally from New York who has recently worked with Karlie Kloss, Hanley Ramirez, Hannah Brofman, and Sascha Verev on major commercial productions, to name a few. He has produced branded videos for adidas, Sheetz, Mountain Dew, Penn State University, PGA Tour, and Walmart toys. In addition to being an FAA licensed drone pilot, his main concentration is on commercial video production for 4k distribution.

Ken Grau

Line Producer

Ken has over 7 years experience in professional video production, including time spent with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, and College Football & Basketball’s Penn State Nittany Lions. He has skills in videography, editing, and producing that have brought both the Lightning, and the Nittany Lions recognition at a national level for their in-game and broadcast/social media content. This includes the Lightning being ranked #1 for in-game experience by ESPN, Penn State Football receiving regional Emmy nominations, and most recently as a finalist at SVG College for an outstanding sports documentary.

Thank you.

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