The different roles relevant to the CBS

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Data collector


Data owner


Technical advisor

System administrator

Global coordinator

Data consumer

Data collector

The data collector is responsible for sending correct health risk reports. He/she lives in a community in a rural area and will be the person that will find and identify sick people. They might seek out the people themselves or the community might contact them.

All the data collectors are trained to do the data collection job correct. They are not necessarily educated and could be illiterate. They are Red Cross volunteers, trained in first aid and to simple actions to respond to the health threats their community face.

Coby lives in Mandawi. Being a volunteer for the Red Cross makes him feel empowered in everyday life. The community around him sees him as a great resource, they sometimes come to him for small issues as well. Coby feels a bit overwhelmed at times because of all the inquiries. He feels the need to be at the community's service. He has been contacted for several car crashes, and has been encouraged to report it by SMS to get medical support. Some people in his community prefer traditional medicine, and believe that illness is caused by evil spirits.

In his daily life he does not engage much with other digital tools than his phone. He has no electricity at home, and so need to pay to use the generator to charge the mobile phone about once a week. 5 month after the training, he thinks that the numbered coding system is hard to get right.

During the last cholera outbreak in the community several people died from dehydration, including one of his best friends. That made Coby decide to volunteer for the Red Cross, and work to prevent and stop outbreaks.

Data collector Coby

Hears about the sick person

Visit the sick person, identify basic symptoms

Decide to report the incident

Write and send the report SMS

Receives SMS with feedback with personal info from the system (defined by system configurator)

One possible timeline for Coby

The pictures are just for illustration purpose


Data verifier Vera

The supervisor is responsible for assessing the report that the data collectors sends in. The decision maker: when receiving many alerts, he/she will have the responsibility to decide if the situation needs responding to and escalation.

He/she normally lives in a city or small town and has some education, and a background in health. The data verifier works either as a volunteer or as a staff member for the Red Cross, or for another agency affiliated with the Red Cross (e.g. ministry of health or another NGO).. They might have the responsibility of about 10-100 data collectors, and will not know all of them personally. Data verifiers are multilingual and able to translate between the data collector and the data owner.
Dream scenario: there is a 1st verifier and a 2nd verifier

Vera enjoys being a data verifier because it gives a great sense of achievement. She supervises many data collectors and travel to many rural areas to help out.

Once she responded to an alert of an usual event and travelled to the data collector to assess the situation. It turned out that a community member was very sick, but due to a chronic illness and there was little she could do but to encourage the family to travel to the clinic. They were expecting that she could help pay for the medical treatment, but she could not. She had spent the whole day going there and back home. It was a tough ride back home.

Vera is worried that if an outbreak occurs, there will be too much work to do, and she will not have time to take care of the situation and her three children.

Receives alert from the data collector (D.C.)

Communicates with the D.C. either face to face or by calling

Collects qualitative data about the situation

Dismiss or escalate?

If escalate: flags “interventions is needed”

One possible timeline for Vera

Professional profile: The data verifier may be a
Community health worker (CHW)
Community based health & first Aid (CBHFA) trained volunteer
A local nurse, midwife, doctor
A surveillance officer

Data owner

Data owner Owen

The data owner holds the overall responsibility for the data: in that, which data is collected by whom and for what purpose, and how the data is stored, managed, analysed and shared.

The data owner is responsible for the project implementation, and whilst he can be supported by other departments and colleagues, the data owner is responsible for project logistics, for example of all the volunteers, phones and phone credit.

Employed at the National Society Head Office. Educated with some health background (ideally). Data owner is a national citizen of the project country. Multilingual.

Owen lives in Bahal, the capital of Mandawi. He has a background in medicine, but has for the last 10 years worked with different projects for the Mandawi Red Cross.

The CBS project is only one of many projects Owen is responsible for. Daily, he feels pulled in many directions and spends a lot of time answering inquiries or reporting on projects and budgets to partners and donors. He works a lot and feels a big responsibility.

When he first heard about CBS, he thought that it was just another excel-documentation-thing. But after going through training and seeing how the tool works in practice, he recognises that CBS is making data management much easier for him, and that it enables Mandawi Red Cross to respond much earlier to potential health threats. Owen wants to expand the use of CBS for all programmes, to use it in disaster risk reduction, CBHFA and MNCH. His only concern is that some of the data verifiers are not always following up in time, so he spends a lot of time calling them to ensure the investigation and reporting within the system.

Decide to start a CBS-project

Decide the areas to where volunteers are needed

Dismiss or escalate?

Manage the volunteers (data verifiers and data collectors and analyses the data that comes in.

Might receive reports from the DVs

Other stakeholders

Technical advisor

○ The Technical advisor holds the same access/edit rights as a data owner, but for multiple countries/data repositories (as defined by “Which CBS National societies are you following?” in user registration) ○ Their role is to offer technical/programmatic support to the data owner. ○ They cannot be a data owner of a national society data repository.

Ex: Hedda in Norway

System administrator

System administrators are responsible for the technical backbone of the application. This includes making sure the systems operate normally, configuring SMS gateway, administer backup routines, diagnostics and technical support. ○ System administrators can be Red Cross staff or someone from a third party actor (support provider).

Global coordinator

Anine og Roxanne

Global coordinators are responsible for verifying the data owners and granting the data owners access to their first national society data repository. ○ Global coordinators can add new languages, health risk, and case definitions

Data consumer (not in scope for the MVP)

Agencies that get reports/analytics

National Ministry of Health



Other Red Cross staff with no role in the project

Information Flow

Information flow based on
a text message.


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