Slides Rule

Katherine Goyette


Educational Technology & Integrated Studies Consultant

Tulare County Office of Education

Beware the rabbit hole of the internet.

Structure student-led learning experiences using Slides.

Personalized Pacing

Don’t Stop the Flow of Learning

The 4 Cs foster student-led learning experiences.

Follow the directions on each slide.

Work at your own pace.

Slides 5 - 11 are taken from a sample slidedeck for a student-paced, 4 Cs infused lesson. Feel free to make a copy or create your own.

Watch the video and respond on slide 3

Based on evidence from the video, provide your opinion to the question “Was the Gold Rush worth it?”

Draw a picture of routes to California. Insert a picture of your drawing on this slide. (Use webcam feature)

Based on the picture, answer the Flipgrid response. If you could ask these prospectors any two questions about their lives, what would they be?

Click here to respond on Flipgrid.

Go find the map posted on the north wall and add two post-its about what you notice.

Click here to learn about the gold rush.

In the text box below, write a summary of what you read.

But where do I find content for the slides?

In Google Classroom, go to the “Classwork” tab.


“Create Assignment”

Add the slidedeck you created from your drive.

Be sure to select
“Make a copy for each student”

The Next Level...

Students use the extension Screencastify to create their screencast.

When students click the “link” icon, a shareable link is created.

Students paste the link into the question on Google Classroom.

Students can view peer responses and provide formative feedback.

Video tutorial regarding how to create a question in Google Classroom

Slides Rule - Google Slides