Reporting Scores to Colleges & Scholarship Organizations

  • All students who take the SAT are eligible for 4 free “score sends”.

  • Free score sends can be added to a student's registration through their College Board online account.

  • Students have until April 14, 2017 (9 days after the administration) to add score sends to their registration. After the deadline students are still able to have their scores sent to colleges and scholarship organizations, but there is a fee.

  • Students who have a College Board account and provided us with an email address will receive email reminders.

The College Board process of score sends on the SAT may be slightly different than the process you are currently used to with the ACT exam. On exam day itself, students will not be selecting their 4 free score sends on their answer sheet as they do with the ACT exam.

When the registration window open (approximately 3 weeks prior to exam date); students will be able to log into their College Board accounts and enter in their 4 four score send choices.

However, students also have the option of sending their 4 free score sends until 9 days after the administration to add score sends to their registration.

Our goal is to have more students discuss their score send options with a teacher, counselor, parent, guardian, etc. to determine what are the best options for that particular student. Also, after a student takes the exam they can rethink their options and still have the opportunity to log back into their account to either add or change the institutions they would like their scores sent.

Additional score reports (outside of the above four), or score reports ordered outside of the above time period are subject to this fee per report. Price is $12 per score send.

Sending Scores –Create a College Board Account

Students will have an opportunity to create a College Board Student account to get access to College Board Information.

Sending Scores – Login to College Board Account

To login, students can click in the upper right hand corner of the College Board website to enter their username and password.


They will select “My SAT”


And, for security purposes, will be asked to confirm their password again.


Sending Scores - Getting Started

Sending Scores - Previous Registration

Your Registration # can be found in the Junior Class House!

Sending Scores – Send Available Scores

Hi, Sharon

In the MY SAT section, students will see SAT registration information for both weekend and the Illinois SAT School Day administration.


They can also view and send scores to institutions. Students can send their SAT School Day scores to four colleges or universities for free through the 9th day following the primary test date. After that, students may still send scores to colleges for a fee.


Students may send their scores to as many colleges, universities or scholarship programs as they’d like. If they have taken the assessment more than once, they can use our score choice feature to choose which scores they would like to send to college and universities.


Sending Scores – Finding Colleges & Scholarships

Students can search for institutions and programs by name. They can easily add or remove institutions to their recipient list.


Sending Scores – Review Selections

Before sending scores, students will have the opportunity to review and adjust their order.


Sending Scores - Confirmation

Once approved, students will receive a receipt and confirmation of the score they have sent.


Sending Scores – Send Score History

They can also view or print a score send history at any time.


SAT Free Score Report - State Test - Google Slides