Be an Ad Detective!

Digital Citizenship

Clue 1

Look in the columns on the right side of the webpage. This is a prime place for advertising.

Clue 2

Click on links. You need to look closely at some parts of the site to figure out whether they are selling something.

Clue 3

Look for tiny letters on something that say “Ad” or “Advertisement”

Clue 4

Look carefully at the games, contests, and videos. They may be fun, but are they arsl encouraging you to buy things?

Clue 5

Look for ads that seem to target kids. Do you think any of the ads are targeting you specifically?

Group 1: Media Companies

The sites in this group are created by media companies, which make TV shows and movies. The shows and movies are part of what they are advertising. They may also be selling products related to these shows and movies. Use your detective skills to find out when they are trying to sell you something.

Group 2: Toy Companies

The sites in this group are by toy companies. They encourage you to play online, but also to buy toys. Can you spot the ads?

Group 3: Virtual Worlds

The sites in this group invite you to join clubs or groups. SOme of what you can do at these sites if free, but some of it costs money. These sites also sell things related to the clubes. Bring out your magnifying glass to figure out where the advertising is!

Be an Ad Detective! - Google Slides