Reaching A High Score

How turning my curriculum into a game increased student achievement.

Aaron Smith:



Where the "magic" happens ... or doesn't.


Block everything?


Encourage exploration.

Lee Sheldon of Indiana University,employers-look-to-gaming-to-motivate-staff.aspx

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8 Game Components

Results may vary.

Modifications may be needed.

See a doctor before using.

Void where prohibited.

If death occurs, restart from your last save.

1. Extra Lives

2. Choose Your Own Adventure

3. Levels

4. Automate Everything*

5. Pace Yourself

5b. "Dailies"/"Weeklies"

6. "Endgame"

7. Online Strategy Guide

7b. Online Strategy Guide

8. Regular Patches

Reaching A High Score (CGMD2012) - Google Slides