What’s New at the Alliance

George Machovec

Executive Director


MUG 2019

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

  • Incorporated as a non-profit in 1981
  • 16 member libraries (14 academic, 1 public) – one out of state library (University of Wyoming)
    • Newest member: United States Air Force Academy joining in October 2017
  • Programs include
    • E-resource licensing – 250 e-resources (>$17 million)
    • Prospector union catalog – 47 libraries, 14+ million unique MARC records
    • Gold Rush (ERMS, link resolver, content comparison)
    • Shared Print (launched 2015)
  • A history of innovation and collaboration
    • The CARL System (ILS) and UnCover



United States Air Force Academy

Vision for Collaboration

Reducing Costs

Sharing Expertise

Enhancing Services

Staffing at the Alliance

  • Executive Director – George Machovec
  • Assistant Director – Rose Nelson
  • Administrative Coordinator & Licensing – Beth Denker
  • Network & System Admin – Steve Walker
  • Developer – Chet Rebman
  • Diana Carney – Admin Assistant

Our Management Structure

  • Board of Directors
    • 5 university officials, 5 library deans/directors
    • Meets quarterly
    • 3 year terms
    • Over time every library will have a presence on the Board, but not all at once
    • Focus is on fiscal matters
  • Member Council
    • All library deans/directors – Michael Levine-Clark currently chairs
    • Meets every two months
    • Focuses on library services and programs

Our Core Services

Prospector Union Catalog

E-Resource Purchasing

Alliance Shared Print Trust

Gold Rush® Decision Support

Prospector Turns 20!

  • Initial partial funding came from state grant which the Alliance submitted through the University of Northern Colorado (UNC)
  • Launched in July 1999 with 8 libraries
  • Marmot joined in 2010 with LSTA grant from the state

Prospector Map

Prospector - New & Prospective Libraries

  • New libraries in Prospector for 2019
    • Bemis Public Library (Marmot)
  • Libraries in the Works
    • United States Air Force Academy – December 2019
    • Colorado College returning (migrated to Koha) – December 2019
    • Englewood Public Library (Marmot) – interested in joining sometime in 2020
    • Anythink to be removed and re-added (migrated to Wise) – Q1 2020
    • AIMS Community College (Marmot) – to be added after moving to Marmot most likely in Q1 2020

Prospector – Long Term Prospects

  • Discussions with State Library about SWIFT
    • AspenCat
    • Other SWIFT libraries
    • Meetings with Innovative in October 2020
  • Interest in out-of-state libraries
    • Utah – challenge is courier services
    • New Mexico – challenge is courier and possible migration by UNM
    • Wyoming – WYLD public library network

Prospector by the Numbers

Prospector Database Statistics

  • Over 14.5 million bib records
  • Over 34 million item records
  • 66% of Prospector is unique (held by one library)

Prospector Lends over Last Decade

Prospector Top 10 Lenders
Q1-Q3 2019

Prospector Top 10 Borrowers
Q1-Q3 2019

E-Resource Licensing Program

Flickr-Creative Commons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/6355840185/

Contributor: 401(K )2012

E-Resource Licensing Program

  • Approximately 250 e-resources > $17 million/year
    • Journal packages
    • Ebooks (including ebook packages and a DDA program)
    • Databases
  • Opt-in Approach
    • Centralized negotiation, contracts and billing
    • With one exception (a group of EBSCO aggregator databases) all licenses are for limited clusters of libraries
    • Largest contract is for Elsevier ScienceDirect Freedom Collection >$8 million/year
    • No Alliance library may join licenses with surcharge

E-Resource Licensing Program

  • Goal
    • Reduced licensing costs (including inflation rates)
    • More content for the same price
    • Market leverage and top-notch terms and conditions
    • Member libraries pay no surcharge (non-members pay an administrative service fee based on the size of the package)
  • Challenges
    • Group licensing takes longer
    • Changing administrative views on necessary paperwork
    • Timely payment from libraries to the consortium so we can pay the publishers and vendors
    • Big deals, although providing access to much content, are hard to maintain as they tend to swallow the materials budget

Alliance Shared Print Trust

What is the Alliance Shared Print Trust?

  • A partnership among libraries in the Colorado Alliance
  • Libraries make long term commitments (25 years) about what they will be keeping
  • Libraries may select materials for weeding (or storage) based on the holdings of others
  • Users have no loss of access to materials since any weeded materials are still at partner libraries in Prospector
  • 1.1 million monographs now have long-term retention commitments

Gold Rush

  • Originally developed in 2003
    • ERMS (Subscription Management) at the consortial or local library level
    • A-Z/Link Resolver
    • Journal comparison tool (publishers, aggregators, indexing/abstracting)
    • Library Content Comparison System (added 2016)
  • Modules used by about 25 libraries in North America
  • Fully maintained knowledgebase (1,800+ title lists)

Gold Rush Comparison – 2 modules

Two analytics modules in the system

  • Journal comparison
    • Originally developed in 2003 to compare aggregators, publisher lists, indexing/abstracting services, local holdings (over 1,800 title lists)
    • Comparisons on ISSN/eISSN
    • Libraries may ingest holdings from an ILS, ERMS, discovery layer, RapidILL or other sources
    • Metadata is K-BART or thin metadata from vendors
  • Library Content Comparison System
    • Full MARC record ingest
    • With special match key
    • Focus of the presentation today

GR Sample Report – holdings by LC call #

GR Sample Report – Languages by Library

Other Use Cases

  • Shared print programs
    • What to weed
    • Getting a set of records and adding a 583 retention note
  • Space analysis for a remodel or new building program
  • Adding a new program on campus and want to compare holdings with an established institution with the same program
  • Quick exports for participation in other cooperative programs
  • If you are in Prospector you can use GR report analytics for free. Contact goldrush@coalliance.org to make arrangements


Any Questions?

George Machovec

Executive Director


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