Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ve founded & sold two start-ups, been Director of Innovation at Anomaly & Buzzfeed, and have appeared in major media from AdWeek to The Wall Street Journal.

I specialize in untraditional ideas, primarily for pitches & big budget briefs.

Here are some examples...

Bud Lighthouse: A venue that generates its own energy from the people partying inside.


Rising Voices: Kobo reconstructs the voices of deceased authors to read their own audiobooks.


Where's Wallet: A smart wallet that's impossible to lose and an app that ensures you find it.


turntheinternet.pink: Holding hostage the Fortune 500s .pink domains with purchase proceeds given to a breast cancer charity.


LockPix: Picture perfect locks. No more lost numbers.


Vizualize.Me: Turns your LinkedIn resume into an infographic in seconds.

Web App

Salad Savings: Wendy's salads sell for $6.69, but between 5-6:59pm, they'll cost whatever time appears on the clock.


Piccsy: Image bookmarking platform attracting over 35,000,000 visitors per year. Sold in 2014.


.gif Wrap: Giphy gift wrap,

bags, and boxes that use optical illusions to look like animated .gifs


Lego Piece Prize: Gold bricks, each worth a college tuition in weight, for kids who've built amazing things that promote peace.


Trolls, from Trump to Tekashi69: An explainer-style film series on modern media manipulation.

YouTube Series

Cartifacts: Tesla opens a memorabilia museum for oil with auction proceeds going to clean energy research.


Mockupdated: Free mockup templates promoting POC inclusion in pitch-decks & ads.

Digital Utility

Canmoji: Winter Olympics campaign that turns 37 million Canadians into 3D emojis.


AutoFloss: Automatically dispenses floss every 24h prompting you to either use it, or throw it out.

Internet of Things

Mylo: A magic button that gets you dressed by syncing the weather, your calendar, and the clothes in your closet.


KING 2020: A benevolent dictator that trolls the news cycle & makes ridiculous promises to everyone on the left & right, e.g. Universal Burger Income.


King 2020

Campaign Extensions

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