Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom




  • 1 iPad Classroom
  • Sharing ideas (Speed Apping)
  • Classroom Management Tips
  • Wrap-up activity

Intentions of the Workshop

  • To look at technology integration ideas.
  • To be more autonomous using various apps and the tablet.
  • To be more productive and efficient using tablets.
  • To transfer what you discover today in your practices.

Part 1

iPad Rally

You have 30 minutes!

Facts About Tablet Use in School

Devices such as the iPad now promote anytime, anywhere learning in schools where the student does not have to be sitting in front of a computer in a laboratory setting.

Brand & Kinash, 2010

Facts About Tablet Use in School

The literature confirms the assumption that providing appropriate technological equipment can help dyslexic students to feel in control of their learning, if they know how to use the technology for effective studying.

Björklund, 2011

Mistakes We Make with Tablets

Focusing on Content Apps

Lack of Preparation in Classroom Management of Tablets

Treating the Tablets as a Computer and Expecting them to Work Like a Laptop

Treating iPads Like Multi-User Devices*

Pieces of Advice to Start Using Tablets

Use it and try things

Focus on your pedagogical intentions

Choose content creation apps

Divide tasks

Use the camera and microphone and go mobile

Share and publish productions

Presentation of the Tasks

Intention: Read a story and reinvest understanding in short tasks using the iPad.

11 tasks with different levels available.

  • Pick one or more tasks.
  • Scan the QR code to read the task.
  • Now you are the student! Be creative!

Intentions Questions

  • How will you get your students to share their productions?
  • How will you support your students through the Production Process? Response Process? Writing Process?
  • How will you organize your classroom?
  • What competencies will be developed? Which one(s) and how will you evaluate it (them)?
  • What will you need to prepare in advance? (material, models, QR codes, etc.)

Access Seesaw

Part 2

1 iPad Classroom

Ideas and Resources

Connecting Your Device to the Screen

VGA Connectors (Cables)

Wireless Mirroring of the iPad

Use Survey Tools

Use it to…

  • Give discussion prompt
  • Determine the distribution of student views
  • Verify conceptual understanding
  • Gauge in-class learning
  • Use Peer Instruction (Dr. E. Mazur)
  • Use a learning strategy: Just in Time Teaching (JiTT)
  • Give quizzes (have students prepare the questions)

Resource: Link Workshop

Create Video Lessons

  • Explain concepts and record your lesson directly on your iPad. Make it accessible for your students.
  • Ask a student or a group of students to create a screencast.

Resource: Link Workshop

Create Mind Maps + Timeline

  • Brainstorm and explore a concept, an idea, or problem as a group
  • Increase better understanding of connections between ideas and concepts
  • Recall information
  • Organize ideas and concepts
  • Plan tasks
  • Sequence events or tasks

Mirror Students Work

Take pictures of students work or projects to use as models.

  • Annotate
  • Underline
  • Correct
  • Etc.


Use collaborative tools for different purposes:

  • Brainstorm ideas as a group
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Research a topic together
  • Prepare an outline of a text
  • Create a vocabulary list - glossaries (word walls, cemetery of dead words, etc.)
  • Ask questions
  • Receive feedback (peer feedback)
  • Share links
  • Write rotative stories
  • Create a wallwisher
  • Create a collaborative presentation

Link Workshop

Resource: Link Workshop

Online Tools

Feed Class Blog, Social Media Sites, etc.

Have students:

  • feed the class blog
  • ask a question, participate in a conversation on Twitter
  • share links and pictures in the classroom’s Facebook or Edmodo page
  • create flashcards set from the classroom’s projects, activities, lessons, etc.

Take Pictures, Record Conversation and Film Students


Access and Read Books (and audiobooks)

  • Read books with your students: access dictionary, underline keywords, add comments, etc.
  • Have students listen to audiobooks grouped in a station.

Resource: Access free books

For listening stations

Research and Access Resources


Save classroom bookmarks (favourites)

QR Code
Give access to resources easily using QR Codes

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Propose Team Projects


LES: Mission ArtVader

LES: Wacky News Report (coming soon)

LES: The Story of Manga


LES: What Happened to the Drama Teacher?
(coming soon)

Share the Productions

Access easily students’ productions (add audio comments, annotate, etc.).

Classroom Organisation Ideas

  • Whole Class: Teacher displays the content using the projector
  • Stations: Propose a task using the iPad
  • Pass around the class: Can be use in some form of collaborative work
  • Group work (group A, B, C,…): Each group works on a collaborative project

Classroom Organisation Ideas

  • In elementary classrooms:
    • use timers to help facilitate turn taking
    • work in pairs or small groups taking turns at "pressing the buttons"
  • Groups: assign roles to the group members and rotate these roles so everyone gets a turn:
    • time keeper
    • iPad user
    • taskmaster
    • etc.


Classroom Management Tips

  • Write a classroom charter (iPad rules) with students
  • Have a routine and name expert students
  • Redefine tasks and focus on your pedagogical intentions
  • Exploit multimedia
  • Divide tasks
  • Remember, not every tasks has to use technology
  • Having fewer users are easier to manage
  • Organise your classroom in workshop stations
  • Plan a moment to save students’ productions

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Wrap-Up Activity
Exit Ticket!

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