Set Design of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

By: Suprina Kabadkar

Class of 2023

Designed Fall 2019

Setting And Research

  • Setting
    • Set in Egypt during biblical times
    • Egypt
    • Canaan
    • Potiphar's Palace
    • Jail
  • Research
    • Previous sets
    • Egyptian architecture
    • Movie

Original Egypt

Original Canaan

Original Potiphar

Original Jail


  • 3D designed in Shapr3D
  • Took approximately 5 hours
  • Many changes were made to original plan
    • Revolving platform was going to be on 8FT platform, unsafe
    • Stairs were going to be on stage the entire performance, no space
    • Had to make a pit to throw Joseph into
    • Originally was going to make the revolve automatic, no time
    • Jail “cell” was not made, no time

Final plan

Building the set

  • Total time taken: approximately 62 hours

The process:

September 19th

September 25

September 26

October 9

October 23

What set pieces were on when

  • The large stairs were only used in act 2
  • Canaan
    • Mini units
  • Potiphar’s Palace
    • No mini units
  • Jail
    • No mini units
  • Act 2
  • Egypt
    • Large stairs and mini units
  • Canaan (act 2)
    • Mini units
    • Stairs pulled out



  • Chariot wings fly out when pin is pulled

Revolving platforms

  • Circle in center of 4ft platforms spin manually


  • Rails
    • There was a lengthy discussion about rails due to height
    • I wanted to put facing on the backs of the 6ft platforms and 8FT platforms for a safer set without blatant rails
    • Technical director, Director and Choreographers decides to go without rails
    • Precautions were made
      • Actors practiced on the set for a month before shows to get used to height
      • Glow tape and spike tape was put on the back of the platforms for visual reminders
      • Actors were informed that if they felt unsafe, they were not forced to be on the platforms
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Set Design by Suprina Kabadkar - Google Slides