Printing Progress Reports

for 1st & 3rd Quarters

As an Advisor, you can navigate to Advisees from your homepage, search for a student, toggle into Grades, download the Student Grade Reports.

To Setup, Prepare and Print Progress Reports

  • Verify Gradebook Setup is Accurate
  • Update Grades &/or comments
  • Print Progress Reports

{ Printing deadline: We’re all in it together. }

Please have your Schoology gradebook setup and your grades updated by:

2:00 Friday, October 27th

Print after 2:00.

To Setup, Prepare and Print Progress Reports

  • Verify Gradebook Setup is Accurate

Step 0: Is my Gradebook set up properly?

Under Grade Setup: (Course> Gradebook> Grade Setup)

To Setup, Prepare and Print Progress Reports

  • Update Grades &/or comments

Step 1: Adding Comments to your course

  • Go to your Schoology Course’s Gradebook
  • Tap on the comment button that appears when you hover the cursor over the “Overall” category of a student.
  • Add your comment and repeat until done.

Use me.

To Setup, Prepare and Print Progress Reports

  • Print Progress Reports

Step 1: Which Browser to use?

  • These directions are created using the following hardware and software. You are welcome to use the hardware/software of your choice. However there are many routes to accomplish a clean progress report. So, if you don’t enjoy trouble-shooting, please use the hardware/software below.
    • Macbook w/ El Capitan
    • Chrome Browser

Step 2: Search & Select Student.

  • Log in to Schoology
  • Click on “Advisees”
  • Type in student’s last name
  • *Click on the name.

*Note: If you quickly type the name and hit enter, nothing will happen. Type name, wait, click on name.

Step 3: Toggle Grades & Prepare Report

  • Click on “Grades”
  • Click on “Download Student Report”
  • Select “Semester 1: 8/28/17-1/19/18”
  • Click on “Next”

Step 4: Select Courses

  • Click on “Select All”
    • Deselect Courses (if necessary)
  • Click on “Submit”


Step 5: Save as PDF and Print to Paper

  • Simultaneously press: Command & P keys
  • Deselect “Headers and footers”
    • (You may need to click on “More settings” first)
  • Print to printer
  • Repeat Steps 2-5 until progress reports are printed

Chrome Browser Printer settings

Printing Student Progress Reports - Google Slides