Providing sanctuary, support and supplies

for refugees and asylum seekers

Sometimes people have to leave their homes and their country. Often this is because it is too dangerous to live there.

Lots of people come to the UK (where we live) hoping that the government will give them permission to stay and make a new life here.

  • Refugees are people who the government has given permission to to stay here.

  • Asylum Seekers are people who have asked the government if they can stay here to build a new life.

Starting a new life in our country can be tough for refugees and asylum seekers

  • Finding a job as a Refugee can be very difficult.

  • Many asylum seekers live on £5 a day.

  • This means it is a challenge to pay for basic things like shoes, clothes, nappies and food.

Many refugees and asylum seekers have been separated from friends and family and often feel isolated and lonely.

The ABC Hub

Welcome Centre.

Here refugees and asylum seekers can escape loneliness and make friends

Our customers can have a cup of tea and a chat while their children play.

Our Free Shop

Refugees and asylum seekers can choose things that they need and have them for free.

Some people have to travel a long way to come to Aid Box Community.

Buses can be expensive when you don’t have much money, so we give our customers money to pay for their bus tickets.

Have you ever felt lost?

Sometimes when people come to Aid Box Community they feel a bit lost and don’t know where to find help.

We help them to find the people and places that can help them.

Sometimes ABC can help by delivering bigger items when people really need them.

We deliver much needed bigger items.

Could you raise some money to help us?

Lots of people whom you may never meet would be so very thankful.


Aid Box Community Hub

174a Cheltenham Rd, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5RE



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