BSidesPDX Call For Papers
Welcome to another exciting year of BSides PDX!

We had a good response to our use of 20 minute speaking slots last year, and we've decided to give it a try again. There were a few people who felt their topic would be better covered in 50 minutes, and we're also offering this as an option.
This will hopefully keep the same accessibility and liveliness as last year with the ability to also have topics in depth. We will try and group together 20 minute talks into a track, and then get all three speakers together for roundtable-style Q&A.

What does this mean for speakers? If you're new to speaking, then 20 minutes is WAY more manageable than 50 minutes. If you've got a neat topic to present, you don't have to come up with any filler, and you can get straight to the good stuff.
If you've got a 50-minute talk you want to submit, go ahead. Keep in mind that by having a 20 minute talk, you will likely be grouped together with similar topics, inviting a more engaging discussion at the roundtable.

The CFP is open NOW!
Round one submissions will be given bonus acceptance points, and must be submitted by August 15th. We aim to announce Round one acceptances by August 22nd.
Round two submissions must be submitted by September 15th, to be announced one week later, on September 22nd.

We hope to have six 'tracks' of related talks. Pick the category your talk fits best in - or the topic you feel best equipped to argue at a roundtable about. We will likely adjust the track topics based on the talks submitted.

1. Security and Usability:
What good is security if noone uses it? Who cares about security as long as users are happy? How do we balance this?

2. The reality of attribution and privacy
How will attribution fix the internet? Why do you think your privacy is more important than that?

3. Hardware is the New Software
How will implementing your widget in hardware fix security once and for all? How will it make hacking that much easier?

4. Software is the New Hardware
How will virtualizing your hardware finally fix security? How will this guarantee job security for Infosec?

5. Wireless is the New Wired
Information wants to be free of wires, the FCC will protect my data, right?

6. Prevention vs. Detection
If only we could stop attacks in the first place, we'd win. If only we could detect attacks we wouldn't have to prevent them.

7. It's Always CLOUDy in Portland
Tell us how your cloud solution will make the world secure. Tell us how their cloud solution will get everyone hacked.

8. I Hacked This!
Tell us about your project where you broke, fixed, made, or re-made something, even if it doesn't have security implications. Hopefully this will be a showcase of cool projects around Portland.

9. TBD/Other/Undefined
You tell us!

In addition to submitting talks, please consider teaching a workshop. We're thinking 90 to 120 minute time slots. Teach people how to find bugs in websites, break wireless networks, poke into hardware, or even show people how they can properly protect their privacy. If you know how to do it, and you think it will take a few hours to explain it, there's likely a room full of students that will be eager to lean.

Do you want to run a contest? We've had some fun ones in the past, so if you have an idea for a fun challenge to do during the conference, we'd love to hear it! Fill out the details below.

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