Good day! Our goal is to improve the efficiency of agriculture by using modern technologies and in particular unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). For a better understanding of the problems faced by different groups of farmers, we would like to ask you a series of questions, the answers to which will help us to offer you an effective and inexpensive solution!

A pleasant bonus for everyone who will pass the survey will be a discount on the pre-order of any of the drones EfeSYS. After receiving and reviewing your response, information will be sent to your email with a discount code which can be used when ordering any Nephilim drone

The information collected in this survey is impersonal and will be used only for statistical assessments and sampling. Your e-mail will not be used for carrying out newsletters and is required only if you want to receive a discount.

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What is the cultivated area of your farmland? *
Choose the number closest to you, if you want, you can write a specific figure
Costs of treatment with herbicides *
Please write the approximate amount you spend on herbicide treatment (dollars/acre) per season, or you can also write how many litres or kilograms of herbicides you buy per season
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How is the treatment processed now? *
Quality control processing *
Do you control the quality of the treatment (tractor speed, herbicide application rate, overlapping processing areas or blanks and gaps in processing)
What share in the structure of costs for the harvest is occupied by herbicides? *
Choose how much about a percent of the total cost of harvesting a season you spend on herbicide treatment
How many times a year (per season) is the treatment of crops with herbicides (one type of herbicide)? *
Do you combine several herbicides in one treatment mixture? *
Would you like to save on the use of herbicides? *
If you want to save on herbicides, what kind of savings (in monetary terms) will be considered acceptable? *
What problems do you have when processing herbicides and require solutions in the first place? What worries you about the application of herbicides the most?
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Would you like to increase the environmental friendliness of your products by reducing the use of herbicides? *
Are you ready to make a pre-order agricultural drone and if you are ready, at what time? *
Is it interesting for you to use the latest technologies in agriculture such as UAV? If you know what will be your benefit from using the drones, then for how long before the delivery are you ready to pre-order?
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Can we contact you for consultation? *
We want to create a product that will really help you! We would like you to give us valuable advice and express your opinion. Are you ready to talk with us a little more in detail?
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