Ligon GT Magnet Band Individual Practice/Playing Record
Thank you for using the electronic version of our practice record this year. This should be completed the first day of each week.
In our band classes, it is essential that each student works independently at home or in lessons. Each concept or skill must be practiced alone to demonstrate mastery and have success! Ex Michael Jordan did not only play basket ball at school, he spent many hours out side playing.

You may count individual practice and lessons (rehearsals do not count)
150 or more = A
120-149 = B
90-119 = C
60-89 = D
0-59 = F

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Band Class *
Jazz Band Members (if you are in another band only enter for that class)
How many minutes did you practice total for the week at home or in lessons? (Band Instrument) *
Please add Monday - Sunday using only minutes. 150 not 150 min or 2 hr and 30 min
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How many minutes did you practice on another instruments at home or in lessons?
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Strategies used during the week. *
How did you make your practice time more effective?
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