FEC Application for Campership
This application must be completed in it's entirety by the Unit Leader or Committee Chair. Applications missing information will be referred back to the submitter. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date the registration payment is due.
Applicants Full Name *
Age of Applicant *
Unit Type (Pack/Troop/Crew/District) and Number. *
Full name of person completing the application *
Scouting Position of person completing the application. *
Email Address of person completing Application. *
Camp or Event this Campership is for (ie...2018 NYLT course) *
What is the total cost for the event? *
What is the amount you are requesting *
Has the applicant received any previous Camperships? *
Is yes above, briefly explain the amount and what event it was for.
Has the unit conducted any fundraisers to assist with the cost of the event? *
If the unit did fundraise, did the Scout participate? *
How much will the unit contribute towards the Campership? *
How much will the Chartered Organization contribute towards the Campership?
Did the unit participate in the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign (conducted a presentation or made donations)? *
Have any other funds been received to offset the cost of this event? If so, briefly explain.
What is the annual household income of the family? (will be kept confidential to the committee) *
How many family members are there in the household? *
How many family members are going to the event *
Statement from person completing the application: The more information provided on the youth, the better the Campership Committee can evaluate their need. Please provide a brief summary why this applicant is deserving. *
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