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Tree pruning is a process that takes time to master. Proper pruning techniques ensure every cut made will direct growth. For an arborist to truly understand this, he must prune the same tree multiple times. This allows him to see how the tree reacts to his trimming work. It takes over six years for enough time to have passed for an arborist to have accomplished this. All of our arborists have met or exceeded this experience level. Our tree care professionals are also trained in the latest high-climbing techniques for safe and damage-free tree removal no matter what the size of the tree or the situation.

We Use Only the Best Equipment and Materials

We do this to give you the best possible results, but it’s the eye of the arborist that does more work than both of his hands. You can be sure at Genesis Tree Service that your trees are in the hands of an expert.

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A Guide To Hiring The Best Tree Care Contractor
If you are a Fredericksburg property owner, it can be rather bothersome to maintain all of the trees on your property. Instead of allowing yourself to get all worked up over it, you should hire a high-quality tree service to assist. The problem is that finding great help is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some pointers that will help you narrow own your options.
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Range Of Services
The first thing you will need to do is figure out what services are offered by all of the companies you are considering. If the one you need is not on the list, you can remove the business from your list of considerations. For instance, if you are looking to have a very lush tree trimmed, it would help to ask if this is offered early on so no time is wasted.
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Insurance Needed
You should never agree to do business with anyone unless they are insured. This will help protect you and them in the event that something happens while they are on your property. It is not enough to ask them about coverage; you will need to jot down the policy number so you can call and verify the information. The last thing you want is to have someone performing work and something happens, then you find out their insurance coverage has lapsed.

In the event that you allow someone who is not insured to do work on your trees, you will be liable if something happens. This includes damages to your trees and property, as well as injuries that may be incurred while your trees are being taken care of.

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Get Estimates
It is never a good idea to hire a company without getting a quote first. This will let you know how much you will be expected to pay for their services. The best way to decide whether or not a quote is fair would be to compare it to several others. Ideally, you should request quotes from 3-5 companies before deciding which one to work with.

Another point worth mentioning is asking if the companies you are considering offer their quotes free of charge. There are many companies that will charge a small fee in exchange for quotes, but they tend to offer this as a discount if you decide to hire them to perform services for you. Be clear about what will be expected of you before having someone offer you a quote.

You should be wary of any company that attempts to offer you a quote over the phone. When it comes to tree services, the prices will vary depending on the type of tree, its age and several other factors. There is no way that you will get an accurate quote from anyone who is not willing to come out to your property and take a look.

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When it comes to hiring a tree service, it is a good idea for you to err on the side of caution. You should never allow anyone to work for you that does not have much experience. Things like tree trimming and cutting require a large amount of skill. Hiring someone that is just getting started in the business means that you will be taking a chance and offering yourself as a test case. As you probably already know, this means that there is no guarantee that the company you hire will be the best available option. When trying to decide the proper amount of experience, it is a good idea to stay away from any service that has not been around for more than five years.
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Fredericksburg Business Directories
This is a great resource when it comes to finding reliable providers of tree service. Since you are looking for someone that is able to service a particular location, targeting local directories will narrow things down quite a bit. Once you access the directory and enter the city that you reside in, all of the results returned should be people who are willing to help. Bear in mind that there are many free directories and you should be able to find them with ease by checking any major search engine.
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Written Contracts
Never allow anyone to start work on your trees unless there is a written contract in place. This should detail all aspects of the work that is being done. From describing the assignment in great detail to making sure that the price quoted is fixed, each point should be clarified in writing. This is important since it will protect you in the event that there is a misunderstanding. Even if a company seems trustworthy, it would not be wise to move forward without having everything in writing.
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Inquire About An Arborist
An arborist is someone that specializes in all types of trees. The reality is that all trees will not thrive from being treated in the same manner. This person will know exactly what each of your trees need in order to thrive. If you call a tree service and you are told that there is no arborist on staff, you may want to look for another company to work with. In the event that you are told an arborist is available, this is the person you want to schedule a consultation with.
Find Out Their Angle
Every tree cutting company has small things that make them different from anyone else that is available in the industry. This is what you will need to pinpoint of you want to find the best possible service. For instance, if you call a company and they have experience dealing with very old, dead trees, this may be different from a company that only works to keep healthy trees from becoming damaged. It is also a good idea to check out the type of equipment they have available. If they have some new state-of-the-art tools that are not widely used by others in the industry, this will certainly give them the edge when you are trying to figure out who to work with.
References Are A Must
Having a company tell you that they have experience is one thing, but proving it is another. You should always ask for references from current and past customers so you can get a good idea of what can be expected. Ideally, a provider should be able to offer you the names and contact information for at least 3-4 people that can vouch for them. If a company seems hesitant to offer this information to you, it would be best if you did your business with someone else.

Keep in mind that asking for references is useless unless you actually plan to give them a call. It may seem like a great deal to go through in order to verify the validity of the tree services you are considering, but it will be worth it to know that you are working with a reliable business. When calling references, you should always be polite, mention while you are calling and make sure that they are clear about the dates when work was performed.

Finding A Fair Price
Quotes were discussed briefly earlier, but this is a bit more in-depth. If you are looking for the best possible deal on tree service, do not assume that spending more money automatically means that you will get better service. There are many great providers out there who are moderately priced and they offer impeccable service. You should also avoid any service that seems to be priced far too low. For instance, if you notice that one service is charging less than half of what all of the others are, this is sometimes an indication that they are in desperate need of business. This is never a good quality when it comes to finding the best possible provider.
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