Conjunctions Exercise 1
David _____ Shawn went to the forest.
and, or, nor, although
Your answer
I visited India _____ I was fifteen.
nor, so that, yet, when
Your answer
I have to wake up early _____ I can reach office on time.
but, so that, when, although
Your answer
_____ you have already completed your assignment, why are you working on it again?
but, when, since, so
Your answer
Your annual subscription has expired _____ you did not renew.
but, since, yet, so
Your answer
The Cricket match was boring _____ I stopped watching.
so, when, but, nor
Your answer
It was the time _____ the Indian prime minister gave the speech in Hindi in the UNO.
so that, so, when
Your answer
Let me check _____ to make online payment.
nor, how, but, so that
Your answer
_____ doing my office work I don’t take any rest.
while, till, until, as
Your answer
I will join the spoken English class _____ you join it or not.
nor, since, so when, whether
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