Past Perfect Tense IV
When I arrived at the airport, Pam _____ _____ ______ the tickets.
already/ to book
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We noticed that Peter _____ _____ _____ his house on Christmas.
not/ to decorate
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Before Peter asked the teacher, he _____ _____ to solve the question on his own.
to try
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They asked if I _____ _____ the whole dictionary.
to learn
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There were no biscuits left for me. The dog _____ ______ my biscuits.
to eat
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It _____ _____ _____ for a month, so the roads were clear.
not/ to snow
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I did not wait for John because he _____ _____ me that he wasn’t coming.
to tell
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Joe _____ _____ _____ to a concert before.
never/ to be
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She complained that my son _____ _____ _____ his room.
not/ to clean
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I _____ _____ the fish before I went for work.
to feed
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