Pre-Course: Fill out before the course or in the first half hour (2:00-2:30)
What do you want to know about AB Tests/Experiments and how to conduct them?
E.g. I am currently running one; I want to be able to support other people in running them; I want to start running them online.
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Do you have any ideas about the kind of experiment you might run? [These could be used to form workshop groups who apply the course content to designing & evaluating one of these]
E.g. Examining how different messages motivate users to learn; Testing which descriptions of a technology people find most interesting & are likely to explore
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Answer this question below if you are able or planning to create a Qualtrics Trial Account. This will allow you & others to use it today in the workshop (and the future) to design and run experiments online. Put your email address for this account in the "Other" field.
To create one, go to and scroll down to "Sign Up Free".
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