Simple Past Tense VIII
She ______ the English speaking class yesterday.
to attend
Your answer
_____ _____ _____ to Delhi by bus?
Suzy/ to go
Your answer
We _____ a factory two weeks ago.
to visit
Your answer
Roberta and Patricia _____ _____ their brother.
not/ to help
Your answer
The children _____ _____ to school last Friday.
not/ to go
Your answer
The boys _____ the straps of their bags.
to take off
Your answer
My wife _____ _____ into the truck.
not/ to crash
Your answer
_____ _____ _____ this useful website?
she/ to design
Your answer
_____ _____ _____ him last week for the interview?
you/ to call
Your answer
He _____ _____ hard last month.
not/ to work
Your answer
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