Listening Critique #5 (from 12/1+2)
Please complete by class on Wednesday 12/7.
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Hoedown: We still have trouble with 4m before rehearsal 1 through rehearsal 2. What can we do as an ensemble to solidify the rhythm? *
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Hoedown: Please rate the following stylistic elements *
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Somewhat present
Mostly present
Excellent, Concert Ready!
Articulation (Accents!)
Cayo Coco: This is the first time many of you have heard this piece with drums and guitar. Does it feel different to listen back to it, as opposed to play it? Please reflect on our balance, rhythm, and phrasing. *
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Idyll 5: Compare this recording to our recording from 11/18. What has changed the most? What areas need the most improvement? *
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