LISP Sharing requests

Google Drive/Docs is a very efficient platform for sharing and collaborating in real time on documents.

As an ENSEIRB-MATMECA student or team working on a LISP project, you are given the opportunity to share a folder with me as a team member or as an individual.

This will allow you to discuss specific issues related to your project, on a team or individual forum, with the privacy you like, and on LISP source code as well. You can use pseudos to remain anonymous.

Please check for more details on procedure and advice.

    Should be a valid email address!
    Cette question est obligatoire.
    Cette question est obligatoire.
    Should be a valid URL!
    Cette question est obligatoire.

    Thanks for your sharing request

    Check for advice on how to take advantage of your shared folder. Do not forget to submit!