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List Rules
Cambridge Bridge Club (CBC) administers the General Discussion List to facilitate discussions between club members and others with an interest in bridge.. Members are able to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the list at any time. List members may send email messages to the list.

List members agree to the following:
- Only content that is likely to be of interest to bridge-playing list members is allowed. This may include requests to find partners, discussion questions concerning bridge bidding, play or forthcoming events/tournaments, and occasional bridge-related items for sale.
- The following content must not be sent: non-bridge-related offers of sale, discussions not relating to bridge, rude or offensive language, or any content that other list members find offensive or excessive.
- Fair use: all list members will refrain from excessive posting to the list. Continuing long discussions (threads) copied to the whole list or excessive broadcasting of information are both strongly discouraged.

CBC reserves the right to remove and block individual list members at its discretion (for example, if the list is being misused by a list member), and to update the list rules at any time.
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