Lepto cases identified in the UK
This form is for vets and laboratories to record cases confirmed as being Leptospirosis in the UK. The data will be used to populate a map. Your surgery and contact name will be kept confidential.
The map will just show; The Species, Strains of lepto infecting, If a dog then was it vaccinated and with which strains, In which county the surgery is, In which county the animal may have been infected.
Please submit one form for each case that you see
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Which species of animal was found to have Lepto?
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In which county might the animal have caught the infection? *
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If a dog, had it been vaccinated with any Lepto vaccine previous to this infection?
Which vaccine had the dog been vaccinated with prior to this infection?
How many months prior to identifying this infection was the dog last vaccinated with a Lepto vaccine?
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Your submission will help people to make an informed decision on which vaccines their dog should be receiving.
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