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Welcome to Huazhong University of Science and Technology students in our AMPERE graduate schools of engineering.

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We wish to use Google Drive (previously called Google Docs) to share a folder with you, if you have access to this tool from China: this will greatly facilitate communication and handling of your application.

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Your current semester of studies in China (S1 is the first Benke semester, after Gao Kao).
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Intended program of studies in France
You may apply for a lab internship (2 to 10 months), one or two semesters of studies (6 to 12 months), or for a double diploma (three academic semesters with us in France, or 18 months).

Please beware that classes are in French: you need a very good level of French to attend classes; for internships, English language is fine.
Program *
The kind of studies you would like to undertake in France
Duration *
The number of months you plan to stay in France, for your program of studies
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The domains you would like to study at AMPERE in France
Year *
Academic year for the start of your stay at AMPERE (Academic year N-N+1starts on 1 September N and ends on 31 July N+1 (August is vacation).
Arrival *
Your approximate date of arrival in one of AMPERE schools.
You preferences among AMPERE graduate schools of engineering
AMPERE 7 graduate schools of engineering are, in alphabetical order:
- CPE in Lyon;
- ENSEA in Cergy Pontoise (near Paris);
- ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Bordeaux;
- ENSICAEN in Caen;
- ENSTA Bretagne in Brest;
- TPS in Strasbourg;
- TSE in Saint-Etienne.

We try to take your preferences into account as much as possible, in order to assign you one of AMPERE schools.
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Indicate your preferences: 1 = first choice; 7 = last choice. Warning! You must assign a rank from 1 to 7 to each school: you may assign the same rank to several schools.
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Please note that your folder may be empty at this point: you will upload your application documents later on into this shared folder.
A link (URL) to your shared application folder.
Confidentiality statement
Vos données soumises sur le présent formulaire sont susceptibles d'être partagées par des personnels des écoles du réseau AMPERE, et des personnels de votre université d'origine.
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Thank you for your interest in AMPERE graduate schools of engineering.

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