STC Regional TechComm Competition 2018-2019 Entry Form (Atlanta, Houston, New England, New York, Philadelphia and Rochester)
NOTE: Organizers reserve the right to reject any entry if this form is incomplete. Full submitter information must be included.
Submitter & Contributors Details
Provide information about the main contact person ("Submitter") and any additional entry contributors.

Please fill this section carefully and double check all spelling. This data will be used in all further communications, awards, and records.

IMPORTANT: Submitter full name, address and email should accompany the actual submitted entry and any correspondence related to this submission.

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Basic Entry Details
Provide information about the submitted entry.
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Use of Sound *
Does your entry use sound?
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Other Entry Information
Include additional information about the entry. Some examples of information you might include are:

- How is the entry distributed? For example, in-house, client, resale?
- Was the entry developed with restrictions? For example, with limited budget, a tight schedule?
- Does it follow a corporate style or layout?
- Do you claim responsibility for the entire work? If not, which parts don't you?
- Was the entry created in a language other than U.S. English?
- Is there anything else that you want to tell the judges?

Other Information
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Entry Category *
Please select the category for which you are submitting your entry
If you select a medium of submission other than paper entry, you will be asked to provide information about your electronic entry.

A web-based entry can be submitted on USB drive, CD, or DVD, and is judged as of the date saved to disk. If “live” Internet access is required to judge the entry, the submitter must provide an explanation as to what aspects of the submission rely on Internet access. The submitter must also provide a valid URL and login credentials (if applicable).

Follow the instructions on how to submit your entries:

Medium of Submission *
Select how you will submit your emtry. Note: There is a shipping charge of $10.00 for paper entries.
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