Hempfield Bands Online Absence Form
In order for our group to reach its full potential, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory for all members. While attendance is a requirement, we understand that there are events that may require an absence.

> Absence forms must submit an absence form for each rehearsal/performance to be missed.
> Pre-approved absence forms must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event.
> Absence forms should be completed by the Member Parent/Guardian.
> Written/telephone communication may come from the Band Office for further clarification/verification if necessary.

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Absence Description
> The following are VALID (EXCUSED) reasons for missing a rehearsal or performance: Illness, Medical Emergency, Major Life Events, Religious Observations, Other Acts of God
NOTE: In the event of sudden illness, please email Mr. Gumble at adam_gumble@hempfieldsd.org THEN submit an Absence Form within two days of the absence.

> The following are NOT VALID (UNEXCUSED) reasons for missing a rehearsal or performance: Non-School Activities, After-school Jobs, Homework, Forgetting, Vacations (unless in June/July), Personal Activities, Lack of Transportation*

*The Booster Club also works to connect families interested in carpooling. Chances are that there are several other families in your area that would love to help you!

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Unexcused Absence Policy
1. A student whose absence is unexcused the week prior to a performance is still required to attend the performance but may not be permitted to perform with the group.

2. Multiple unexcused absences may result in suspension/removal from the ensemble.

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