Our Savior 'Harvest to Holiday' Arts & Craft Show Application
Craft Show Date: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2019 ~ 9am - 3pm

Application Form Instructions:
> Please fill out this form in it's entirety, (required questions are indicated with an '*').
> Print or save a copy of your application form if you choose to at this point.
> Press the submit button at the bottom of the form to submit your application.
> BE SURE YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION PAGE. If your application submitted successfully, you should receive a confirmation message page.
> If you don't receive the confirmation page, browse back through the form to be sure all required questions have been answered. Once all required questions have been answered, submit again.
> If you have any changes, you may do so at this point and re-submit. (If you have changes later, you will need to completely fill out and submit another form; we will then ignore any previous ones that were submitted.)
> Keep an eye out for an email from us. We will send you an email within a few days that we have received your application.
> If you are having problems, or if you don't receive a confirmation page and the subsequent email, please contact us.
> Complete your registration process by sending photos and fees as stated below.

Make check payable to ‘OUR SAVIOR’ for the total fees amount, and mail to:
Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church
Attention: Craft Show
13667 West Highland Road
Hartland, MI 48353
Or, please contact us if you prefer to pay by credit/debit card.

Photos may be sent to us via email, shared with us on Google Drive (if you have a Google Account), or the post office.
Our Google Account/Email is craftshow@oursaviorhartland.org .
If you submitted photos for our show, 2012 or later, and are not adding items, you do no need to submit photos.
Any photos mailed, will be returned with notification letter.

Once we have your application, photos and payment, they will be reviewed by the jury committee the next time they meet.
The jury committee will meet approximately once a month to review new applicants. Applicants reviewed will be notified soon thereafter if they are selected or not.


Name and Contact
Please provide us with your name and contact information.
Name *
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Business Name (if applicable)
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Address *
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Telephone Number
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Booth Space & Fees
Please indicate 1st & 2nd preference. Include price for 1st preference in payment; we’ll adjust later if we are unable to accommodate your 1st.
Measurements: Depth (sides) x Width (front & back) 1st number – Sides; 2nd number - Front & Back (e.g. 6x10 space is 6’ deep & 10’ across the front)
10’ spaces are typically in the gym & lobbies; 6’ spaces are typically in the halls.
Space Size *
Select your 1st and 2nd preference.
10x10 ($50)
10x20 ($100)
6x10 ($30)
6x20 ($60)
1st Preference
2nd Preference
If you are submitting your application by June 30, select the amount of your early bird discount. Base this on your 1st space preference.
If you need to rent conference table(s), please indicate how many are needed (no more than 3). Fee is $5 each. Please note, there are a limited number of tables available. Two folding chairs will be provided by us at no cost.
6' table
8' table
Tables Fee
Please select the total amount for any tables you are renting.
Electricity *
Please indicate if you need electricity. Fee is $5, and you will need to bring your own extension cord. Please note, there are a limited number of booths that can have electricity.
Calculate Booth Fee (1st preference) - EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT + Tables Fee + Electricity Fee = TOTAL FEES AMOUNT. Enter this amount below.
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Craft Items & Booth Display Descriptions
Craft Items *
All items must be hand-crafted by the applicant. List everything you would like to include in the show. Items not included in photos may not be sold at the show.
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Craft Process
Please describe the process involved in producing your product(s). If you have been our show previously, this is only needed for new items you would like to offer.
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Booth Display
Please describe your booth display.
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Misc. Information
Door Prize
Indicate if you would like to donate a door prize.
Postcards *
Enter how many postcards you would like to advertise our show, (limit is 25 unless you can pick them up at the church/school). You can post them or hand-out/mail to friends and relatives. Enter 0 if you will not be able to help advertise in this way.
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Please provide any special requests or other information you may have for us. We will attempt to accommodate your requests, although cannot guarantee it.
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How did you hear about our show?
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Exhibitor Brochure and Website Page
We provide customers with a brochure that includes crafters names, a summary of their items, and contact information. We will also include an exhibitor information page on our website that you can be included on if you like.
Exhibitor Brochure Contact Information
We will include your name and a summary of your items you will have at the show. Please indicate your contact info that you would like included, (Check Only 1). If you do not want any contact info in the brochure, select 'None'.
Exhibitor Website Page - Would you like to be included? *
If so, we will include your name, business name (if applicable), and a summary of items you will be offering. You will be able to indicate in the next questions if you would like to have a picture and contact information included.
Exhibitor Website Page - Photo
If you have selected to be included on our Exhibitor Website page, please indicate if you would like a photo of your item(s) included. We will only post one photo, so make it a good one that includes one or more of the items you will be offering.
Exhibitor Website Page - Contact Info
If you have selected to be included on our Exhibitor Website page, please indicate your contact info that you would like included, (check only one). If you do not want any contact info on the website, select 'None'.
Show Advertisement Pictures
We may use pictures when advertising for this & future shows. May we use pictures of you and/or your booth in current/future show advertisements?
I have read all craft show guidelines included with this application and agree to participate under its terms. I understand that Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church and School assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that I may suffer as a result of customers, other participants, or volunteers of the Craft Shows hosted by Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, or unexpected building disaster, including, but not limited to storm, fire, flood, and break-in. I also give my permission to include my information and pictures if I have indicated so above.
Signature *
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