Fake News Survey
1. How many viral posts — whether articles, videos or photographs — do you click on each week?
2. On average during the course of a week do you share viral posts on social media?
3. How often do you check to make sure what you are sharing or commenting on is real?
4. What ways did you use to verify if a story was true?
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5. How much do you care if a story purporting to be real, actually is? (1 very important -- 5 not at all)
Very important
not at all important
6. How much more careful are you with online sources when you are doing work for school than when you're simply surfing the web for fun? (1 much more--5 no difference)
Much more careful
No difference
7. What sources of news do you usually trust? Why?
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8. What sources do you rarely trust? Why?
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9. What responsibility do journalists and news outlets who post or link these stories have to make sure they are true?
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10. Can embellished, or outright fake, stories have real-world consequences?
11. In a world where news can be reported by anyone with a cellphone, how do you decide what is true? What questions should you ask to find out?
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