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News from the community
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The articles are always in both languages
There is a highlight of a person from the community in each edition (Sardinha of the month)
I like that the magazine is free and always available anywhere
I think the interviews and articles are interesting
I like the choice of the thematics it talks about
I appreciate a good graphic presentation of the magazine
I like to get an overview on the activities of the Community
There is an event agenda
There is a recipe to try out
There are challenges and competitions I can participate in
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Sardinha Blog (#Frescas)
Sardinha Archive
Sardinha Homepage
Sardinha Events Section
Contributions to Revista Visão
Contributions to Port.Com
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I usually enjoy
I spread the word
I read on the magazine
I follow on Social Media
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Kids events
Culture events
Cinema in Portuguese
Public Presentations
Festa da Lusofonia
Santos Populares
Portuguese Language Day
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